Former Georgia coach Vince Dooley
Former Georgia coach Vince Dooley

Former Georgia coach Vince Dooley kept the Buckhead Business Association in stitches on July 21 at the BBA’s quarterly business luncheon.

Dooley reminisced about his days as a head coach, talked about his son Derek’s career as the head coach at the University of Tennessee and brought some perspective to what it means to coach a top-tier college football program.

Dooley congratulated the recipients of the BBA’s quarterly public safety awards: Sgt. Michael Harris with the Atlanta police Department; Deputy Adrian Cooper-Rucker with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department; and Captain Shawn Manns with the Atlanta Fire and Rescue Department.

Dooley said he has coached players who have gone on to become police officers and firefighters

Dooley said he doesn’t know if he would’ve hired himself in 1963, saying at the time he was an unknown commodity.

“My wife and I look back on it now and realize we were the only two who thought it was a good hire,” Dooley said. “Fortunately, we had some good players and won a championship and I was able to survive crises.”

Later, he talked about having bad years as a coach. It happens to the best coaches, he said. He said having a losing season as a coach is “no fun.”

“You’re going to go through some tough times,” he said.

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