The following information was provided by the
Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


6300 block of Roswell
Road 30328
– Shortly after midnight on July 23, a man robbed the clerk at a
drug store. He demanded money and cigarettes. He then fled on foot.

6800 block of Peachtree
Dunwoody Road 30328
– On July 23, officers responded to a noise complaint
at an apartment just after 2 a.m. The caller said there was a lot of foot
traffic and the place smelled like marijuana. The resident said he was asleep
when he heard a loud noise at the door. He dialed but did not reach the 911
operator. (He said the call dropped.) 911 attempted to call the complainant
back. The man said that he locked himself in his bedroom, but a man kicked in
the bedroom door. The suspect, followed by another man, entered and pulled a
gun on the man. They stole $100 and left.


6300 block of Roswell Road 30328
– On July 24, the manager of a gas station reported that someone apparently
exited the bathroom via the ceiling and then landed in the office area of the
station, taking an undisclosed amount of cash. Two other suspects were in the
station as well. They hung around the front while the other suspect went into
the bathroom. The clerk eventually checked on the man in the bathroom because
he was in there too long. This was while the station was open but the office
area was locked.

700 block of Summer Crossing 30350 – On July 25, the resident said that while she was asleep, someone
entered her apartment through a computer room window and took her purse.
Although the victim insisted the burglar entered through the computer room
window, the officer, when he checked the window, found spider webs on it that
may have indicated the window had not been entered.

8600 block of Roberts Drive 30350 – A man reported on July 25 that he left his apartment for a short
time. When he returned, someone had kicked his front door in and taken his PS3
video game system.

300 block of Windridge Drive 30350 – On July 25 the resident said someone took his flat-screen TV from
his home as well as other items. He doesn’t remember if he left the door locked
or unlocked.

1100 block of Marsh Trail Circle 30350 – On July 26 a man told officers that he was sleeping
on the sofa when he was awakened and saw a young man in his room. The suspect
left through the front door. It appears he entered through an unlocked window
adjacent to the victim’s sofa. The victim, a student, said he and his roommates
have visitors all the time and believes the window was locked but then unlocked
by someone who later returned.

500 block of Wyncourtney Drive 30328 – On July 26 a man said that someone entered his garage and took his
employer’s demonstration headsets. He said the only other person who knows the
garage opener code is a former pet sitter.

100 block of Sandy Springs Place 30328 – On July 26, the owner’s real estate agent,
representing the absent owner, said someone, over the past year, entered the
residence and took furniture from it.


8900 block of Roswell Road 30350
– On July 23, a man drove into a tire store and requested new windshield wipers
for his car. They installed them. The man then drove away without paying for

1100 block of Hammond Drive 30328 – A woman walked into a drug store on July 23 and concealed a
pregnancy test indicator in her pants and then left. The loss prevention person
stopped her. She pulled one tube from the pregnancy kit out and told him that
it was hers. She then got into her car and sped off in a reckless manner. The
tag was obtained. The woman wore a college shirt. The officer matched the name
and called the school. The staff confirmed that a person matching the name was
in class that day. The school is located across the street from the store. An
arrest is pending.

200 block of Sandy Springs Place 30328 – On July 23, a woman said that someone lifted her
wallet from her purse while it was in the “steal me” position in the child seat
of the shopping cart. She was unable to give any description of a possible
suspect. Later, one of her credit cards was used at a gas station and another store.
Total charged was just under $300.

8700 block of Roswell Road — A
woman called the police on July 24 and said that her child’s father stole $400
from her apartment. The baby’s father said she accuses him constantly because
she is bipolar.

A woman reported that on July
25 around 1 a.m. she was in a bar. She placed her purse on a ledge and went to
the dance floor. Someone took the purse. She is missing the purse and her $600 iPhone,
$150 cash, personal information and car keys. She estimated the time of theft
between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m.

1100 block of Lake Hearn Drive 30342 – On July 25 a company employee said someone stole about $600 cash
that had been left in the reception area of the office. The complainant said
only three people (patients) were in the office that morning just before the
theft. The cash had been left under a stack of papers at the reception desk.
The report says the employee was “unwilling” to give the names of the three

700 block of Mt.
Vernon Hwy 30328
– On July 26, a man said that between July 19 and July 20,
someone stole a cardboard box containing dental handheld tools and tubing.
Nothing else was missing.


An employee of a medical
radiology company reported that someone used their account information and
deposited two company checks into an account in Charleston, S.C., in the name
of the company. Part of the funds was then withdrawn before the account was flagged
as fraudulent when the checks cleared and returned to the company.

6100 block of Roswell Road 30358
– On July 25, a man called police and said he was at a restaurant and paid for
dinner with a $100 bill which the employee said was counterfeit. He told the
officer that he received the bill from a bank in Kennesaw.

Theft from Vehicles

Articles were
stolen from vehicles on the following dates:

5600 block of Roswell Road
30342, July 23.

2400 block of Treelodge Parkway
30350, July 23.

4700 block of Westfield Drive
30350, July 25.

4800 block of Lansbury Drive
30350, July 25.

100 block of Allen Road 30328,
July 25.

7500 block of Roswell Road
30350, July 25.

6200 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328, July 26.


A woman reported an assault
that took place in the Hammond Square Shopping center on July 23, just after 5
p.m. She told the officer that the suspect previously said he wanted to help
her out financially and he put her apartment in his name. Later, he demanded
sexual favors based on the “good deed” he had done. The argument ensued in
their car, parked outside a restaurant. The man wanted to have sex and the
victim refused, so the man hit her on the arm and then hit the victim’s
2-year-old child. The man took them to a gas station in the 5600 block of
Roswell Road and kicked them out. The child did not appear to have been injured
and the woman’s injuries were not serious. The case is under investigation.

A woman in the 2200 block of
Harbor Pointe Parkway said that her boyfriend and his friend, named “Nutt” were
visiting when an argument ensued between the victim and “Nutt.” “Nutt” then
punched the woman in the face and to make it worse, her boyfriend just stood
there. The boyfriend and “Nutt” then left.

Strange Brew

200 block of Northwood Drive 30342 – On July 24 a woman said that a man followed her and her niece from a
store in the 100 block of Northwood Drive, to their apartment complex. He
exposed himself to the two victims. He then fled.  Based on the description, one of the officers
later spotted the man and he was arrested.


6300 block of Roswell Road 30328
– On July 23, while investigating an armed robbery, an officer ran the personal
info of a woman on the scene and found that she was wanted in Cobb County for
forgery and in Clark County, also for forgery. She was arrested.

6600 block of Roswell Road 30328
– On July 23, officers were called to a grocery store just after 9 a.m. and
were told the following story by the store employees: A man came into the store
and took a bottle of wine, drank the bottle, handed it to the cashier on the
way out, and then went to sleep on the sidewalk. He was arrested.

7700 block of Roswell Road  — An officer, responding to a business alarm
at a leasing office, arrested a man who was in the process of burglarizing the
business. The man said he was doing his laundry. He was charged with burglary
as well as a previous warrant for criminal trespass and taken to jail.

An officer stopped a car whose
driver was using the middle reversible turn lane as a traffic lane just before
the Abernathy Road turn from Roswell Road. The officer, a K-9 officer, smelled

marijuana as he spoke to the driver. He asked the driver
if he had marijuana in the car. The man said no. The officer asked if he could
look. The man said no. The officer said the dog would walk around the car and
if he alerted on the smell, it was probable cause to look further. The officer
re-asked if the man had any pot in the car. He said yes. The officer found
three clear bags of pot. The driver said by “law section 191, he was allowed
to have one ounce of marijuana and he was using the pot to aid in the recovery
of an injury.”
The officer reminded the young Perry Mason that he
was in Georgia and he was arrested.