The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


3100 block of
Piedmont Road, NE
– An aggravated assault was reported at a nightclub on
June 19. The victim and her friend said they were talking to a man in the club
when two women approached them. One of the women was the wife of the man they
were talking to. She said that the two women poured beer on her and her friend,
and then one of them pushed the victim down. She injured her wrist from the
fall. The victim said that one suspect pushed her down and her friend stated it
was the other of the two women who did it. Their stories conflicted so no
arrests were made.

300 block of Lake
Forrest Lane, NE
– Aggravated assault in the street was reported on June
20. The victim said that while she was riding her bicycle the suspect hit her
on the buttocks with a stick. The victim at first did not wish to press
charges, but later changed her mind and wanted to press charges on the suspect.

block of Liberty Parkway, NW
– Aggravated assault at a residence
was reported on June 20. The victim said that she and
her boyfriend got into an argument while they were in the car together. She let
him out of the car. He then walked over to her house and when she allowed him
to enter he started throwing things around in the kitchen. She said that when
she tried to go upstairs they started wrestling and he started punching and
hitting her, causing injury. She said she got free and ran out the door to get
into her car. She said he threw a knife at her when she was backing out of the
garage. He said he did hit her after she hit          him first, and he was trying to slash
her tires with a knife. The knife was not recovered.

3200 block of
Cains Hill Place, NW
– Aggravated assault at a bar was reported on June 25.  The victim was on the floor and
appeared to be unconscious. The victim’s friend said the victim was enjoying
the evening with friends; a suspect struck the victim in the face multiple
times. The victim was knocked to the ground but quickly regained his feet. The
bar staff broke up the fight.  Another
suspect punched the victim again, knocking him out. Both suspects fled out the
back door of the bar. The victim denied medical treatment.


3300 block of East
Roxboro Road, NE
– A residential burglary was reported on the evening of June 22.
The victim said he left at 9:30 p.m. and returned one hour later to find
the front and back doors were opened. A number of things had been taken: two
laptops, valued at $2,400; two black and silver iPads worth $900; one Apple
Touch valued at $200; one digital camera worth $390; an Xbox and PS3 valued at
$600; and a $700, 52″ plasma flat-screen TV.

block of Kingsboro Road, NE
– A residential burglary was reported
on June 22. The victim awoke to find an unknown man
in his home. The man asked if “Tim was home,” then left the location.
The victim noticed his laptop was missing.

100 block of
Valley Road, NW
– A residential burglary was reported on June 25. The
victim left town on June 15, and when he returned on June 24, he noticed the
house was in disarray. He said there was no forced entry except that the back
office door lock had been removed and replaced by a realtor’s lock. He said the
house was under contract as a short sale. The items stolen were a gold
herringbone necklace valued at $200, a Tiffany necklace valued at $10,000,
earrings worth $10,000, Cartier cufflinks valued at $2,000, a Nikon SLR camera
worth $350, a $200 digital video camera, eight bottles of single malt scotch
worth $400, four bottles of vodka and liquor worth $200, and a $150 leaf

3300 block of
Peachtree Road, NE
– A commercial burglary was reported on July 10. The
business at the location was broken into by prying the rear door open. Someone
went through the wall of the office and attempted to open the store safe which
was located in the office. The store safe appeared to be severely damaged, but
no entry was made into the safe.

3300 block of
Peachtree Road, NE
– A commercial burglary was reported on July 11. The
store manager said that when he reported to work in the morning he discovered
that the cash register was sitting on the floor. It was discovered that entry
was made to the location by prying open the rear door.  The store safe was attempted to be removed
but it was bolted to a cabinet. There was no damage to the safe.

600 block of
Antone Street, NW
– A commercial burglary was reported on the morning of
July 13. A window to the business was damaged and 10 desktop computers and 12
monitors were taken. The alarm pad was not on when employees came in that
morning, but the last employee claimed that the alarm had been turned on prior
to leaving the business.


3500 block of
Roxboro Road, NE
– A robbery of a pedestrian in the street was reported on
July 11. The victim said he was walking down the sidewalk when someone struck
him from behind and robbed him of his ID card, $25 and cellphone. He was
injured during the attack.

2800 block of Peachtree
Road, NE
– A robbery of a pedestrian was reported on July 14. The victim
noticed a dark colored Honda Accord passing him by then turning around. Two
unidentified men got out and approached him, one pulling out a black handgun
from his waist saying, “do you know what

is.”  They walked the victim to the
tree line, patted him down, and removed his cellphone, his wallet with ATM
card, school ID and blue backpack.  The
second suspect laid the victim down so he faced the ground.  The suspects then fled the scene.  The victim’s backpack was later recovered and


500 block of
Danube Road, NE
– A larceny at a residence was reported on June 20. The
victim said when she got up, she discovered that a package that had been in her
carport was missing. The package contained three wrapped necklaces and an
envelope that had a check for $200. The vehicle had been gone through but
nothing was missing.

2800 block of
Peachtree Road, NE
– A larceny from a business was reported on June 20. The
victim said that a man identifying himself as a DEA agent requested to test
ride a bicycle in the parking lot. While the sales person walked away to help
someone else the suspect rode off with the bike and did not return.

2400 block of
Piedmont Road, NE
– A larceny at a business was reported on June 22. The
victim said that while he was in the rear of the restaurant an unidentified man
entered the bar area and reached behind the bar, taking the tip jar totaling
$300.  A witness saw the suspect run
across the street toward a gas station. 

1000 block of
Lenox Park Boulevard, NE
– A larceny at an assisted living facility was
reported on June 22. The   victim said that on June 15, she had approximately 20
oxycodone pills in a container and on June 22 she noticed that the bottle was
completely empty.  There were no
witnesses to the theft and the victim is suffering from slight dementia.

1100 block of Huff
Road, NW
– A larceny at an apartment complex was reported on June 22. The
victim came into the precinct and reported her boyfriend took her bedroom set
while she was gone. The set was rented from Ashley Furniture. The accused said
that if the victim went to the police that he would kill her.

3300 block of
Piedmont Road, NE
– A larceny at a restaurant was reported on June 24. The
victim had her wallet stolen out of her purse while standing at the buffet at a
restaurant. She had various credit cards, her social security card and driver’s
license taken.

3300 block of
Peachtree Road, NE
– A larceny at a health club was reported on July 10.
The victim was at the gym working out.
He left his wallet in a locker that was not secured.  On his way home he realized his wallet was
missing.  He returned to the gym and it
was not there.  The credit cards inside
had been used at several locations.

block of Peachtree Street, NE
– A larceny at a condo was
reported on July 11. The victim owns a condo in Atlanta but lives in
Minnesota.  The tenant that was doing a
lease purchase left and did not pay the last six days of her lease.  The condo was fully furnished.  The tenant was to leave the furniture if she
did not purchase the condo.  Instead the
tenant                 took the furniture and converted it to her own use.

3300 block of
Peachtree Road, NE
– A larceny at a department store was reported on July
12. The suspect was seen on camera taking $785 out of the cash register,
putting it in a bag and walking to the stockroom, where there were no
cameras.  The suspect was supposed to put
the money in the vault that night, but didn’t.
The suspect admitted to taking the money and was charged with theft by

2600 block of
Piedmont Road, NE
– A larceny at a department store was reported on July
15. The subjects, while in the store, were seen on surveillance placing items
into a suitcase which also belonged to the store. Both were charged with

block of Buckhead Avenue, NE
– A larceny was reported at the
Buckhead Library on July 14.  APD
detained a suspect who was seen taking copper wiring from an air conditioner
that was located at the address.

3400 block of
Lakeside Drive, NE
– A larceny at a business was reported on July 15.  The victim said his mother told him to pick
up several items left at their apartment because the family was moving from the
location. She told him that $500 and a box with a laptop and iPads were there.  When the victim returned to the apartment
there were no items left. The victim said after noticing nothing in the
apartment, he called his mother to see were the items were placed. She
explained that the front desk told her that the landlord was in the residence
at 11 a.m. changing the locks because she was being evicted from the
residence.  When speaking with the
landlord, he said no items were in the residence when he entered the home.  The victim said he noticed the top bolt to
the door was missing. When asked, the landlord said he took the bolt off
because his key stuck in the door when he tried entering the apartment. When
looking at video, the landlord was seen entering the residence with a bucket.
When asked about the bucket, he said his tools were in there.

3300 block of
Piedmont Road, NE
– A larceny at a hair salon was reported on July 16. The
victim said she left her handbag in a storage cubbyhole at the stylist chairs.
She then went to a different location to have her hair washed. Once all services
were completed the victim approached the front counter for service payment. At
that moment she noticed her wallet was no longer inside the handbag. The victim
said the wallet contained $200, and several credit and ID cards. The victim
said she had all the cards canceled to avoid fraudulent transactions. The salon
is equipped with a video surveillance camera at the front counter only.

Larceny from Vehicle

100 block of West
Wieuca Road, NW
– A larceny from an auto in a parking garage was reported
on June 22.  While the two victims were
walking in the park, their vehicle was broken into and both had their purses
stolen from the vehicle. Blood smears belonging to the suspect were found
throughout the vehicle.  The crime scene
unit was called to the scene to take swabs of the blood smears.

10 block of Habersham Road, NE – A larceny from an auto was reported on June
23. The victim said he parked his vehicle in his parking garage and it was
unlocked for “just a minute.”  The
vehicle was also valet parked at a restaurant on Lenox Road.  The victim did not notice his gun was missing
until the next morning.

Auto Theft

3300 block of Peachtree Road, NE – An auto
theft from a restaurant was reported on July 13.  The victim said that            after eating
dinner she and her friend went out to the balcony to smoke a cigarette, leaving
her purse at the table.  When she
returned, two waitresses advised that two unidentified male suspects entered
the restaurant with bags in their hands, went into the restroom, and exited the
premises.  The victim noticed that her
purse was missing.  She went to where she
parked her 1996 Infiniti I-30 and saw it was missing.  Her purse contained her license, credit cards
(4), and key fob to her apartment.  Her
vehicle contained credit card statements, a purple crocodile bag, athletic
equipment, and running shoes.