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The Dunwoody Police Department has released its 2010 annual report, presenting information about the department’s first full year of operation.

The report says that in 2010 there were 104 crimes against persons, such as murder, rape or aggravated assault. There were 1,690 crimes against property, such as burglary or larceny, the report said.

“We’re certainly not happy with the level of our crime and we want to see that number go down,” said Police Chief Billy Grogan. “We’re looking at ways we can impact that and reduce crime.”

Dunwoody Mayor Ken Wright said the police department has been an asset to the city.

“It’s a great document,” Wright said of the annual report.

“It’s just typical of the force. We’re proud of our police force. They are a quality group.”

Grogan said the report also highlights several of the department’s successes over the past year.

“I think our neighborhood watch program is doing very well,” Grogan said.

“Several other programs we started in 2010, such as collision avoidance for teenagers, are doing very well, as well as ‘it’s party time and it’s no game,’” a drug and alcohol awareness program for the 8th graders at Peachtree Charter Middle School.

Grogan said the department was also proud of its community service and the success of its Police Explorer program.

“A lot of people are tracking us on social media and I think it’s very healthy for our department,” Grogan said.

The report includes statistics for only nine months of 2009. The police department opened April 1, 2009. The city incorporated Dec. 1, 2008.

In the nine months of 2009 covered in the report, the city recorded 92 crimes against persons and 1,276 crimes against property.

“We just wanted to try to put some information together, put in one location and make it easy for the community to access,” Grogan said.

“It’s hard because it looks at 2010 and some statistics we didn’t have a full year of for 2009. It’s hard to compare apples and oranges.”