Atlanta residents have a new schedule for trash pickup, according to the City of Atlanta Public Works Department, and it will include a new “Solid Waste 3n1” initiative to reduce carbon emissions.

In addition to trash pickup, the 3n1 service will gather recycling and yard trimmings.

“(The) 3n1 service per quadrant of the city will allow for concentrated efforts in a given area, reduced carbon emissions and reduced missed pickups,” the city reported via press release. “The new 3n1 service will also provide additional services such as residential street sweeping, bulk waste pick-up and concentrated solid waste education and enforcement. Customers will receive prior notice of scheduled street sweeping and bulk waste pick up dates.”

According to Valerie Bell-Smith, senior public relations manager with the city, the city will provide three trucks for the three different services on the same day: one for trash, one for recycling one for yard trimming. Once every four months, there will be street sweeping on residential streets. Once a month, there will be bulk pickup for larger items.

The city will put up signs to notify residents of the scheduled bulk pick up.

The pickup schedule is as follows:

Northeast – Monday

North: City Limits

East: City Limits

South: Decatur Street/DeKalb Avenue

West: Northside Drive

Southeast – Tuesday

North: Decatur Street/DeKalb Avenue

East: City Limits

South: City Limits

West: City Limits/ Metropolitan Parkway

Southwest – Wednesday

North: I-20 West

East: Metropolitan Parkway

South: City Limits

West: City Limits

Northwest – Thursday

North: City Limits

East: Northside Drive

South: I-20 West

West: City Limits

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Dan Whisenhunt

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