The Sandy Springs City Council decided on Aug. 2 to wait two months before providing $540,000 in matching money to acquire right of way for a Roswell Road Streetscape Project. Mayor Eva Galambos said she was reluctant to pay for the improvements along the stretch of road between Johnson Ferry and Abernathy Road when she is unsure whether or not property owners along the road will allow advertising companies to erect billboards.

Eva Galambos

The Georgia Supreme Court ruled in June that sign companies could put up billboards in Sandy Springs. There are currently eight applications to erect billboards in the city, city officials said. City officials have been looking for ways to restrict them.

“I’m a little reluctant to improve properties where we might get billboards …,” Galambos said. “I feel a little bit uncertain about wanting to expand improvements that will increase property values.”

Karen Meinzen McEnerny

Other council member shared the sentiment. Councilwoman Karen Meinzen McEnerny asked if the city can prevent the streetscape improvements on properties that choose to allow billboards. City Attorney Wendell Willard said the city does have options for deciding where and when to proceed with the streetscape project.

The federal funding for the project is $2.1 million.

Dan Whisenhunt

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