Dunwoody City Council weighed the merits of building a cross walk at Tilly Mill Road and Binghamton Drive at its Aug. 9 council meeting.

City Councilman John Heneghan requested a feasibility study after hearing from constituents that it is a dangerous place to cross the road.

Some City Council members objected to paying for a crosswalk there because the roadway is technically in Doraville.

“We’ve got a 20-year (road) program. Some people are going to have to wait years before getting any service done. I don’t think it’s fair to put Doraville at the top of the heap,” said Councilman Danny Ross.

But Heneghan said the people that live on the road are residents of Dunwoody.

“It’s the gateway to the city of Dunwoody,” Heneghan said. “I think the money is there and the citizens of Dunwoody would welcome the improvement to the road in my opinion.”