To the editor:

I found it very interesting that the July 29 edition of the Brookhaven Reporter had a letter with misleading statements by a Concorde Fire board member printed on the page opposite a letter captioned “Anti-Concorde group misleads.”

The letter states that “no more than 226 new vehicles will be introduced to the area between 4 to 9 p.m.,” but fails to point out that many–perhaps the majority–of those vehicles will be making left turns across a lane of traffic to either enter or exit the complex. Currently there is no middle turning lane on that stretch of road.

There is no comparison between this proposed complex and the Blackburn Park soccer fields, which may be subject to flooding, but are not located adjacent to a large creek. And there is a big difference, in terms of environmental impact, between cutting trees in flood plains and stream buffers to expand existing parks, and clear cutting an area of dense growth to develop a new park.

The reference to the “Neighborhood Recreation Club” code is misleading and, frankly, manipulative. This soccer complex is not being developed “for the purpose of providing recreation facilities and programs for a neighborhood or neighborhoods.” Its use is intended for members of a club, the large majority of whom live outside the adjacent neighborhoods.

Finally, in terms of the effects on property values, it is unfair to compare the proposed complex–with lighted fields which share the vast majority of their borders with local homes–to the complex at Peachtree-Dunwoody and Windsor Parkway–which is unlighted and has half of its perimeter bordering on major streets.

Michael Johnston