• Anna Gabianelli
  • The Galloway School, senior
Anna Gabianelli

Anna Gabianelli lives life at a fast pace.

The 17-year-old has been running ever since she joined the cross-country team in seventh grade.

“I started to run just because I needed something to do after school,” Anna said, laughing. “Cross country was the only team I could really join because I wasn’t very good at other sports. Ever since, I learned that I like it a lot and I am pretty good at it!”

Anna now participates in two other sports at The Galloway School. Between her two running seasons of cross-country and track, she swims. Long distance running remains her favorite activity.

In her free time, Anna, who lives in Buckhead, enjoys running with her friends. She says that the best part about the sport is the way that it brings people together.

“I love the way our team bonds over running. It just makes everyone feel really happy,” Anna said.

Throughout her running career, Anna has set and accomplished many goals. Last fall, she broke her toughest record yet. Hoping to run 5 kilometers in 20 minutes, she was able to make it in 18 minutes and 54 seconds.

“I’m proud of the way I ran in that race and how my hard work really paid off,” Anna said.

Anna’s cross country and track coach, Denny Beatty, speaks very highly of the athlete and her work ethic.

“My favorite thing about Anna is that she is always positive and is always smiling. It definitely rubs off on everyone else,” Beatty says. “Whether she is having a good day or a bad day, she always comes to practice ready to work her hardest. You can really see that what she puts in really pays off.”

Anna has received a Galloway Scholar Athlete award for the past three years. The award is given to about 40 students each year who play at least two varsity sports during the year and show great academic achievement.

Anna has also been recognized within the cross-country team as athlete of the week. The coaches give this award.

Anna is also very enthusiastic about the community service that her team does every year. At NYO Sports in Atlanta, the cross-country team helps out with the Christopher League, where students play baseball with kids who have special needs.

What’s Next:

Anna will continue to run and swim at Galloway during her senior year. She hopes to attend a small college, such as Middlebury College in Vermont or Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, where she intends to run.