Each year, schools are measured to determine if they meet adequate yearly progress, or “AYP,” under the federal law commonly known as No Child Left Behind. Schools are reviewed based on participation, academic performance, and an additional indicator such as attendance rate or graduation rate.

If a school does not meet AYP under the same criteria for two or more years in a row, it receives a “needs improvement” status. With each year on the needs improvement list, the consequences become more severe for the school.

Schools with a “needs improvement” status must offer students the option to transfer to another school in the district. Here’s how Sandy Springs schools performed in 2011:


Elementary Schools

Dunwoody Springs Charter

Heards Ferry

High Point

Ison Springs

Spalding Drive


High Schools

North Springs


Did Not Meet AYP

Elementary School

Lake Forest

Middle Schools


Sandy Springs

North Springs Charter High School and Ridgeview Charter School are on the needs improvement list.