Dresden Drive is poised to continue its growth as a commercial corridor, with more housing and mixed-use developments on the horizon.

A multi-family housing development called Dresden Walk is slated to break ground over the next six months, said Mikel Muffley, a Brookhaven real estate broker and developer.

“There are going to be some luxury apartments going there,” Muffley said. “It is a very high-end, reputable development group.”

Muffley said in the next year to 18 months, construction is likely to begin on several commercial developments in the area as well.

“The whole corridor from Peachtree on down is going to be completely redeveloped,” Muffley said. “It all equates to the desire to be in a live-walk type of community. I think that’s really what people are looking for.”

Along with shops and restaurants, a three-story office complex also is planned, Muffley said.

“For this little area in a one- to two-mile radius, we’re basically creating a new Virginia-Highland atmosphere,” Muffley said.

Despite the slow market overall, Muffley said the Dresden corridor is seeing a lot of activity.

“The groups actually developing right now are the best of the best,” Muffley said. “Developers and builders now have to make much better investments than they did six or seven years ago.”

Some nearby residents are happy to see the area growing.

“I support it from the apartment standpoint, I’m just not sure that their density might not be too high,” said Jim Eyre of the Ashford Park Civic Association. “If they can scale back and make that work, I think it would be a great addition to Dresden because it would provide some additional walking traffic.”

Eyre said that Dresden is transforming into a main street for the nearby neighborhoods of Ashford Park, Drew Valley and Brookhaven Fields.

“The people in the apartments are going to come down and eat and drink in the Dresden shops and will certainly help that corridor,” Eyre said. “Anything that will get more people there without traffic is a good thing. … It’s becoming a nice little community within the area.”