The wife of accused killer Hemy Neuman made a surprise appearance at the DeKalb County Courthouse to testify during a pre-trial hearing in the prosecution of her husband.

Ariela Neuman took to the witness stand in Judge Gregory Adams’ courtroom to answer questions about the night police came to search her Cobb County home.

When asked by attorneys if she had any relation to Hemy Neuman, a stone-faced Ariela Neuman replied, “I am his wife.”

Hemy Neuman faces murder charges in the Nov. 18, 2010, slaying of Russell “Rusty” Sneiderman. Sneiderman was shot outside a day-care center after dropping off his child.

Ariela Neuman told the court that Dunwoody Police officers were very nice to her and she cooperated with them completely after they told her of her husband’s arrest.

“I told them to search my house without a warrant,” Neuman said. “I gave them my full permission.”

DeKalb County Chief Assistant District Attorney Don Geary asked Neuman about what police took from her home.

“A computer and a flash drive. I think this is it,” said Neuman, who speaks with an Israeli accent. “I don’t know the expression but they took some things that belong to the computer.”

Hemy Neuman’s attorney Robert Rubin asked Ariela Neuman if police officers left a list of what they took.

“I don’t remember, but I told them to take whatever they want,” she said.

Ariela Neuman, who filed for divorce in March, also told the court that her husband had not been living in their home regularly at the time of his arrest in January. She said he had moved out in October 2010, but still kept clothes and other belongings at the family’s home.

“He came back and forth,” Ariela Neuman said. “He used to come almost every weekend and sometimes during the week when I wasn’t there. He had access, it was our house.”

Ariela Neuman’s attorney Esther Panitch said her client was asked to testify by the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office and came into clarify some facts in the case.

“She was not under subpoena,” Panitch said. “While she would prefer to never have to face her husband, she was here voluntarily to ensure certain evidence was brought into trial.”

Panitch said it was a very tough decision for Ariela Neuman to testify.

“This was very hard. This was devastating to her,” Panitch said. “She wanted to do the right thing which was to make sure the evidence was fair.”