A Decatur man came to the Dunwoody City Council meeting to complain to council members about what he felt was rude behavior on the part of the city’s police force.

Andre Moses White said after leaving church on Aug. 21, he and several other drivers were confused by signage on an entrance ramp to I-285. A road closed sign was placed so that it appeared the right lane was still open, he said.

Dunwoody police officers stopped and ticketed the cars that pulled onto the ramp.

“Several cars were pulled over by officers and talked to very ugly,” White said. “It was $175. For the people who came out of church and endured what they endured, I was ashamed for the officers.”

Sgt. Mike Carlson of the Dunwoody police said the department looked into it and “double checked the area to make sure it was in compliance.” No action will be taken following the incident.

“We did look into it but the ramp was clearly marked as well as all the lanes leading to the ramp were closed,” Carlson said. “Our biggest concern is for the safety of those workers doing construction on the highway and that’s what those officers were there for, to protect them.”