Thomas Dujenski, Atlanta Regional Director of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, drew an audience full of local bankers to the Buckhead Business Association’s regular breakfast on Aug. 11, but his comments were largely confined to giving information about the role the FDIC plays in regulating banks.

Dujenski has been with the FDIC 28 years.

The BBA members peppered him with questions, but Dujenski made it clear he wasn’t going to talk about any specific banks.

One person asked if Dujenski thought it was too easy to open a bank in the United States.

Dujenski said the U.S. banking system is complicated but still the best in the world because of the intense regulation of banking practices. He said a disproportionate number of “new banks” failed during the crisis.

Donna Kain, a business banker with Fifth Third Bank, walked out of Dujenski’s presentation satisfied.

“He was right on target with everything he had to say,” Kain said.