To the editor:

My wife and I walk more than six miles a day in and around Sandy Springs (to some people, we are known as “the Sandy Springs walkers.”) I found it interesting that the City Council is thinking about holding taxpayer money that is earmarked for sidewalk improvements, as a way to fight billboards. See story: “City gets tough in billboard fight.” [Sandy Springs Reporter, Aug. 12-26.]

As a person who uses the sidewalks every day, I have enjoyed the benefit of the sidewalks that Sandy Springs has put in place over the last five years. However, the sidewalks along Roswell Road are still in need of repair.

While my wife and I are both able to transverse the obstacles that exist on these sidewalks, there are other people that would benefit from improved sidewalks more than us. I am really getting tired of politics getting in the way of the quality of life. There has to be a better way to fight the billboards then at the expense of people who use the sidewalks.

Randy and Evelyn Green