To the editor:

Thank you for your work on keeping an eye on our city.

My son asked me to help him make a YouTube video about the poor sidewalk conditions in one of Sandy Springs’ neighborhoods. This short YouTube video contrasts the beautiful new sidewalk in front of Whole Foods on Hammond Drive with a walkway in one of our poorest neighborhoods, which is located less than a mile away.

My son could not believe that the city would tear up a perfectly good sidewalk just to replace it with a new one on a street that gets little foot traffic. When he saw the conditions on Northwood, he asked me to help with a video.

The path that we highlight in our video is heavily traveled. There are several apartment complexes in this neighborhood and many residents walk toward Roswell Road on a daily basis. In total, there is probably less 100 yards of sidewalk that is needed. But, the city has let it go and has made no commitment to fix it in the future.

In an email from Mayor Eva Galambos on this matter, she noted that the state/federal governments help fund sidewalks in the business district. But, neighborhood sidewalks are funded entirely by the city.

Again, this is a very small amount of sidewalk that needs to be installed. Sandy Springs could afford it.

Please consider watching the video and writing about this matter.

Don McAdam