Atlanta city officials have launched a program to allow homeowners to purchase a warranty to pay for fixing broken or leaking water or sewer lines.

City officials say the warranties, through the National League of Cities Service Line Warranty Program, could save residents thousands of dollars in repair costs.

The program is administered by Utility Service Partners (USP) Inc. and allows homeowners the opportunity to obtain a warranty that will provide repairs for a low monthly fee with no deductibles or service fees, the city said in a press release on Sept. 1.

“Homeowners know all too well that things go wrong unexpectedly,” Atlanta City Councilmember Felicia Moore, a co-sponsor of the legislation that brings the program to Atlanta, said in the release. “Many residents become frustrated when they are told that the city is not responsible for a service line repair.”

A homeowner must contract with a plumber and pay the repair costs if the damage occurs between the city’s main pipe and the water meter or the connection to the home. These repairs are not always covered by homeowners insurance.

“This warranty program offers peace of mind in the event of the unthinkable,” Moore said.

City of Atlanta residents will see offers in their mail boxes soon, the city said. Residents who choose to purchase the warranty protection pay $4.75 per month to cover water line repairs up to $4,000 plus an additional $500 for public sidewalk cutting, if needed. No public funds are used to promote the program.

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Joe Earle

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