Left to right: Marguerite Hamburg, Libba Shortridge and Sungkyung Lee meet in the newly renovated classroom, dubbed the “burrow.”

Classes in birds, bees and even fairy gardens are some of the things the Blue Heron Nature Preserve will be offering for the first time this fall.

With its newly renovated classroom space, which has been dubbed the “burrow,” the preserve will begin hosting a variety classes for adults and children.

Nancy Jones, the executive director of the preserve, said the classroom area was created out of a storage space to help expand what the Blue Heron Nature Preserve, located at 4055 Roswell Road, could offer to visitors.

“If we had a rainy day or just wanted to do some work together, there just wasn’t space,” Jones said. “Now we have a great space to accommodate people and do all sorts of things.”

Jones is excited about expanding the nature preserve’s educational offerings.

“I’m hoping that it’s going to broaden and fulfill the goals of our mission as far as education. Getting people involved in their environmental world, especially voluntarily, is often challenging,” Jones said. “If they come to classes that strike a chord with them, visit the preserve and see how beautiful it is, maybe that’s a way to link them with the bigger picture of environmental awareness and protection.”

So for its first season of classes, Jones said the organization is hoping to offer classes that will appeal to a variety of people.

The preserve will be bringing in teachers from around the city teach the courses.

For example, the Atlanta Audubon Society will be teaching a class about birds for young kids.

“This is the first time they’ve every offered anything for children. It’s really exciting,” Jones said.

Jeff Mather, a local sculptor, will be teaching a class about environmental art.

“He is going to work on the grounds, with people coming for his class looking at building [with] and arranging natural materials,” Jones said.

Classes begin Sept. 13 and will continue throughout the fall and winter. For a full schedule, visit www.bhnp.org.

“I’m just really excited about it, it’s a big step of growth for us and the space has turned out to be really beautiful,” Jones said.