By Brigette Flood

Can you believe the holidays are here? Along with them come those end-of-the year occasions you look forward to all year long: sharing time together with friends and family and time off from work.

There’s also the end of year blowout sales with sweet, deep discounts both in retail stores and e-tailers. You end up scoring amazing savings, if you can handle the crowds and the heavy online comparing/sharing.

There are some great online resources to give you the inside scoop on sales, activities and events. Bloggers like ATL on the Cheap (, Twitter: @ATLCheap), The Mommy Insider (, Twitter: @mommyinsider) Atlanta Moms (, Twitter: @atlantamoms) provide some great local information about where to go and what to do. Not to mention your handy dandy Atlanta Intown paper (; Twitter: @ATLINtownpaper). The paper’s tweets are frequent and full of helpful scoop about what’s going on in and around town.

So there’s the frugal part of the holidays, then there’s the other half: the over-indulging. Let’s talk about that for a quick minute. Some people (me included) tend to go overboard with sentimentality and consumption of food and beverages. I’m all for throwing caution to the wind at the buffet and at the bar, but let me be your social media consciousness if you do. Drunk Facebooking, tweeting, Google+ posting and texting are the new drunk dialing, but worse. Believe me, you can get yourself into a quick pickle in 140 characters or less. Social media has more far-reaching consequences. Texting, too. Ever looked at You should. It’ll scare the pants off you.

Now that we know and agree few things give you true anonymity anymore, go ahead and make a pre-New Year’s resolution: to stay away from a computer and your phone after having enjoyed too much holiday cheer and merriment (like egg nog at the open bar). Your 2012 is much more likely to start out with a clean slate, if you stick to it. With that, I’m Auld Lang Signing Off until January.

A big holiday cheers Atlanta!

Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley has been the editor of Atlanta Intown for two decades and has been a journalist and freelance writer for 35 years. He’s also an award-winning poet and novelist.