DeKalb District Attorney Robert James won’t seek a special investigation of the DeKalb schools despite a recent county grand jury’s recommendation that one be conducted.

A county grand jury reported in December it had several concerns about the DeKalb County School System and asked that a special grand jury be named to investigate them.

The grand jury, in its presentments, said the Board of Education delayed and compromised the search for a superintendent by leaking information to the media; that the board had too much influence over hiring and evaluating personnel; and that funds were inappropriately used to promote the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax.

DeKalb Superintendent Cheryl Atkinson was hired after former superintendent Crawford Lewis was indicted on racketeering charges related to school system construction projections.

At a press conference Feb. 10, James and Board of Education Chairman Eugene Walker and Vice Chairman Tom Bowen described measures the system will take to prevent problems in the future.

James said the school board will make regular updates of its progress at each sitting of the DeKalb County grand jury. James said he did not think a special grand jury investigation was needed.

“I felt like the school system was making process,” James said. “I think these are things the school system can take care of themselves, as long as someone is watching.”

Walker said the school board has put teeth into the ethics policy so there are punishments for violations.

“We can all look at this situation in retrospect. What’s most important to me as district attorney is going forward, it’s handled the way it should be,” James said.