Sandy Springs residents who want to dispute their home’s status on new flood maps have a 90-day window to make their case.

The 90-day appeal period is underway, the city has announced. Residents can appeal their property’s status on new Federal Emergency Management Agency flood maps by submitting appeals to city Floodplain Administrator J. Bennett White at the City of Sandy Springs, 7840 Roswell Rd., Building 500.

Appeals must include an justification for the petition and a revised study certified by a professional engineer, the city says. The appeal period ends on August 1, 2012.

The City Council on April 17 voted to label 2,567 parcels and 244 structures as Zone X on flood maps, meaning they have a moderate risk of flooding. This means they would not be required to purchase flood insurance.

However, FEMA studies properties above a 640 acre basin threshold. The state studies properties above 100 acres, and the city’s discretion only applies to properties between 100 acres and 640 acres.

Want to know your property’s flood plain status? The maps are at City Hall and you can also look it up at the following address:

Want to know more about filing an appeal? Click this link:

Dan Whisenhunt

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