Buckhead voters will go to the polls July 31 to choose nominees for the Democratic and Republican parties who will run in the general election in November. Voters also will decide whether a 1-cent sales tax should be imposed to pay for transportation projects in a 10-county region of metro Atlanta.
Here are candidates who face contested races on July 31 primary ballots.
Republican ballot
U.S. House District 11
Phil Gingrey

Phil Gingrey, (I)

Occupation: Physician
Prior public service: Marietta City School Board; Georgia Senate; elected to represent District 11 in 2002
Community he lives in: Marietta
Why he is running for office: According to his website, Gingrey says he “has remained dedicated to fighting for the common sense, conservative values of the 11th District and of Georgians everywhere.”
For more information: www.gingrey.com
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William Llop

William Llop

Occupation: Certified public accountant
Prior public service: None
Lives in: Sandy Springs
Why is he running for office: I am inspired to run as a congressman because, for the past 30 years, I have consulted and advised business leaders and entrepreneurs, individuals and businesses on how to increase their economic prosperity. More importantly, I know how to increase jobs. I can do the same for our district.
For more information: www.williamllopcpaforcongress.com
Michael Opitz

Michael Opitz

Occupation: Registered mediator/arbitrator.
Prior public service: None
Community he lives in: Cobb County.
Why is he running for office: According to his website, “Michael is highly qualified to serve you in Congress. His extensive business background helped him learn effective leadership and teambuilding skills.”
For more information: www.opitzforcongress.org
Georgia Senate District 6
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Josh Belinfante

Josh Belinfante