Dunwoody voters will go to the polls July 31 to choose Democrat and Republican nominees who will run in the general election in November. Voters also will express their preferences on whether a 1-cent sales tax should be imposed to pay for transportation projects in a 10-county region of metro Atlanta.
Here are candidates who face contested races on July 31 primary ballots.
Republican primary
DeKalb County Commission District 1
Elaine Boyer

Elaine Boyer (I)

Occupation: Small business owner
Prior public service: Has held seat on commission since 1992.
Community she lives in: Smokerise
Why she is running for office: Boyer says she is committed to “limiting the tax burden, reducing the size of government, fighting for constituents, and keeping families safe.” Her website says she “knows what residents want because before each vote, she reviews the proposal, talks with constituents and determines if the plan meets that litmus test. This is a mark of a true conservative – one who seeks to get government out of the way of the taxpayer, the business owner, and the entrepreneur.”
For more information:  www.commissionerboyer.com
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Larry Danese

Larry Danese

Occupation: Small business owner; retired operations manager and registered engineer.
Prior public service: Elected and appointed member of DeKalb Soil and Water Conservation District; member of DeKalb Planning Commission; various DeKalb citizen committees including zoning code rewrite and President of the Silver Lake Civic Association.
Community he lives in: Murphey Candler
Why he is running for office: “We have the opportunity to change the dynamics of the board of commissioners, without the loss of core values – fiscal conservancy, a balanced budget, and the opposition to tax increases – that we all expect and demand. What we can, and will, change are the barriers that have arisen that frustrate the cooperation between commissioners themselves, and between the commissioners and the chief executive office, that is necessary to move the county forward.”
For more information: www.electlarrydanese.org
Democratic primary
U.S. House of Representatives District 6
Jeff Kazanow

Jeff Kazanow

Occupation: Businessman
Prior public service: Active with homeowners association in Marietta
Community he lives in: Cobb County
Why he is running for office: “It is time to restore sanity to Congress. We need to act now to continue bringing this country out of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.”
For more information: www.kazanowforcongress.com
Robert Montigel

Robert  Montigel

Occupation: Small business owner
Prior public service: Volunteer on the Washington Township, N.J, Environmental Commission and the Municipal Utilities Authority
Community he lives in:  Roswell
Why he is running for office: “I want to give voters a choice, a chance to change Congress. … We need to elect members of Congress who, like the Founding Fathers, are both principled and willing to compromise.  … Politicians are often more concerned about how they will be graded by special interest groups than what is best for the country. Only voters can change this by electing principled and reasonable candidates who will represent the public they serve, and not special interest groups. I am running to offer the voting public a chance to change Congress.”
For more information: www.iamfi.com
DeKalb County CEO
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Gregory Adams

Gregory Adams