The following incidents and arrests are some, but not all, of the reports filed with SSPD over the listed period, dated through July 27.

The following information was provided by the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.

Report of the Week

500 block of Dunwoody Chace 30350 – On July 26, officers received a domestic violence call, upgraded to an assault, from a 911 call placed by a woman who said she found her husband watching pornography on his laptop and she hit him on the head with a flashlight. The woman was sitting in her car when they arrived.  She told them she found him watching porn and then grabbed his laptop and locked herself in the bathroom. He came after her and kicked in the door to the bathroom—which is when she socked him with the flashlight. She said: The husband said he would spend the night downstairs. His wife was upstairs. She was sleeping when she heard a loud “AH” or “AUGH” or maybe “AUGGUGHHHH.” Thinking that her husband was injured, she checked and found him lying on the couch with the TV on, holding onto his laptop. She asked what was wrong, and he said nothing was wrong, go back upstairs. He pulled a blanket over his head. She said that she could hear what sounded like people having sex on the laptop and so she took it from him. She retreated to the bathroom and he followed. She told him to go away which he did but returned a short time later. He kicked in the door and as a result, she bonked him with the flashlight. He grabbed her, threw her on the bed and was about to hit her with the flashlight when she yelled, he stopped, and walked out. He was later treated at St. Joseph’s Hospital for a head injury.


500 block of Northridge Road 30350 – On July 21, a man reported that he met a girl on a website and they made arrangements to “hook up.” He arrived and two men robbed him of $400.

300 block of Mt. Vernon Highway 30328 – On July 23, a library courier said he drove his Fulton County Library truck to the Sandy Springs Library and went into the building. He left the truck unlocked and running. He returned less than a minute later and found a man in the passenger doorway. He yelled at the man who then pulled a gun and pointed it at the courier, who retreated to the library. The man then left with some funds collected from the other libraries.

4900 block of Roswell Road 30342 – On July 24, a man reported that around 9 p.m. he was walking to his apartment at One Sovereign Place when a man came up to him and pulled a gun. The suspect demanded money. The victim gave him just over $500 and the man fled.


8000 block of Roswell Road 30350 – On July 21, a resident found a rear window open in his apartment but no other signs of forced entry. The front door was found open as well. Missing is a flat screen, Xbox 360 and jewelry.

5200 block of Spring Creek Lane 30350 – On July 21, the victim returned home and found someone forced the front door and took several jewelry items.

200 block of Franklin Road 30342 – On July 22, the victim returned home from church and found someone had entered her apartment.  A necklace is missing.

1400 block of Treelodge Parkway 30350 – On July 22, the victim had been out of town and when he returned home, found that his TV and DVD player were missing. Someone had entered through the garage door and then forced the door into the apartment.

4000 block of The Valley 30328 – On July 23, a man said someone came into his apartment while he was sleeping.  He said someone took his TV, laptop, and from his patio, his generator. He said he did not have his “Charlie Bar” in place on the sliding patio door.  A “Charlie Bar” is a horizontal bar that is placed between the two sliding windows or door to keep it from opening. Most are attached to the window or door about halfway down and the bar is hinged.  A stick will do the same thing.

Hope Road 30350 – On July 23, several tools were taken from a maintenance shop. Entry was made when someone cut the lock off the door. The tools were valued at $2,000.

8700 block of Roswell Road 30350 – On July 24, a lawn care building was burglarized and a number of weed eaters and backpack blowers were stolen.

Towergate Place 30328 – On July 24, someone burglarized a backyard shed and took an impact drill and circular drill. Later, at an apartment complex, a man was selling the same items as described.

9400 block of Roberts Drive 30350 – On July 24, a man reported that when he returned from a business trip, he found that his front door had been opened by force. A flat-screen and other items in the home were taken.

3600 block of Treelodge Parkway 30350 – On July 25, a man said when he returned home, he found a rear window broken where someone had entered. Two items were taken.

1600 block of Marsh Trail 30350 – On July 26, someone forced a front door to the apartment and entered.  At the time of the report however, nothing was found to be missing.


6000 block of Williamson Drive 30328 – On July 21, a resident placed several items into a cardboard box and left it in the carport. She had suffered water damage in the home and placed the items from inside the home into the box. Less than an hour later, the items had been stolen. Some of those items are paperwork that may contain personal information.

Roswell Road 30328 – On July 21, a resident reported that she kept a large amount of cash hidden in a room in her home. The funds were to pay her taxes. The money was later taken. She suspects a family member who has a drug problem and who has stolen from her in the past.

500 block of Pearl Cove Court 30328 – On July 21, a resident reported that someone took a Toro self-propelled lawnmower. A neighbor said that he saw a man walk into the garage and take the lawn mower around noon. The man walked out of the neighborhood with the lawnmower.

500 block of Marsh Trail Circle 30350 – On July 22, a 2006 black Kia Spectra was stolen.

6100 block of Roswell Road 30328 – On July 23, a man reported that a rebate card for $50 was taken from his P.O. Box.

2100 block of Clay Drive 30350 – On July 24, landscaping equipment was stolen from a work truck. Suspects are driving a green Taurus or Fusion with a Tennessee plate from Shelby County, Tenn.

6700 block of Roswell Road 30328 – On July 26, a man reported that someone stole his 2002 Buick Century that was parked in front of his building.

Theft from Vehicles

Articles were stolen from vehicles on the following dates:

5600 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30342, July 21.

6200 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328, July 21.

1000 block of Johnson Ferry Road 30342, July 21.

5200 block of Spring Creek Lane 30350, July 22.

700 block of Hammond Drive 30328, July 23.

6300 block of Roswell Road 30328, July 23.

8700 block of Roswell Road 30350, July 23.

300 block of Treelodge Parkway 30350, July 23.

500 block of Abernathy Road 30328, July 23.

1100 block of Mt. Vernon Highway 30328, July 23.

7200 block of Northgreen Drive 30328, July 24.

700 block of Hammond Drive 30328, July 24.

5900 block of Roswell Road 30328, July 24.

1100 block of Mt. Vernon Highway (x2) 30328, July 25.

5600 block of Roswell Road 30342, July 25.

8500 block of Roswell Road 30350, July 25.

100 block of East Chambord Drive 30328, July 26.

4900 block of Roswell Road 30342, July 26.


A man reported that he received a call from the front desk saying that the computer was down and they needed the three-digit code on the back of his card. The victim had a disagreement over the price during the check-in and thought this was related. His card was later used fraudulently.

A woman was contacted by someone on July 18 whom she thought was her grandson. He said he was in an accident. She asked him if he was okay and used his name—thus providing the crook with her grandson’s name. He said he needed $2,900 for a lawyer and begged her not to tell his parents. He said he would contact her shortly. She got another call from a man who said he was the lawyer “Stanley Rosen.” He directed her to wire the funds from the Western Union office to Guadalajara, Mexico. The victim sent just over $2,800 to the address in Mexico. She later contacted her family and found that the grandson wasn’t involved in an accident.

6600 block of Roswell Road 30328 – On July 25, a man reported that he was in the parking lot of the Publix store at around 5:45 p.m.  A woman came up to him and asked for change for a $50 bill. He gave her change. The woman then walked across the parking lot, met up with another woman near the Applebee’s Restaurant, and then walked away. The man then found that the $50 was fake.


500 block of Abernathy Road 30328 – On July 21, arriving on a call of a fight in progress, officers found a man and woman pushing and hitting one another. The fight started when the man wanted to leave but the woman didn’t want him to and followed him. Both were arrested. The man had a small amount of marijuana on him that he obviously had not smoked yet because he was not the least bit mellow. They were arrested for the pot and fighting charges, and locked up.


Idlewood Drive — A woman was arrested after she hired two men to put pine straw in the yard. They agreed on a price of $800. They worked from about 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. When they finished, she refused to pay. She said her husband came home and called the two “scam artists” and refused to pay. The officer noted that the person was intoxicated when they arrived. They advised her she could dispute the issue in civil court but the men had completed the work as agreed and then had not been paid. She was later arrested for theft of services.

6300 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328 – On July 26, a man walked into Costco whom the security person recognized as someone who came in the week before and stole something. The suspect picked up a Bluetooth headset and an electric razor and put them in the backpack he had, then left without paying. He was detained, the cops called. The man also had a gun in the backpack. He was arrested for the theft of the two items that totaled $250 and the concealed weapon. He was taken to jail.

7800 block of Roswell Road 30350 – On July 26, a man was standing in front of a convenience store.  He was standing and “spitting profusely” in front of the store and “clearly disturbing customers and staff.” The officer told the man that since he was not a customer and since he chose to be openly gross to the public at large, he needed to move on. He did. A short time later, the same man, doing the same thing, was back at the front of the store. The officer reminded him that he was told to leave. The man said: “I did and I came right back.” Translated, this means: “I need to be locked up.” He was.

Strange Brew

Greenhill Road — A man reported that on July 22 he was out for an evening jog. He heard a horn and saw a man in his car who was yelling at him. The man told the victim his was going to break his jaw and kick his ass. The victim said that he didn’t know the man. The man got out of his car and approached the victim but had failed to put his car in park and the car began to roll, which then caused the suspect to return to the car. He drove away “very closely,” according to the victim. The car then drove to a nearby convenience store.

6600 block of Roswell Road 30328 – On July 22, a man finished his meal at restaurant and after paying, said he was being chased. He ran into a grocery store saying the same thing and then ran off, leaving his car parked at the restaurant. An independent witness said she saw the man in the parking lot and that two men were indeed chasing him.

A man reported that he was contacted by a former friend who said he owed him $6,000. He told the man he didn’t owe the money and to stop calling and texting him. The suspect then began texting the other guy’s girlfriend and said he would erase the debt if she had sex with him. She declined and ordered him to stop contacting her. The suspect has an existing warrant on him on another case similar in nature.