Andrea Sneiderman
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Andrea Sneiderman

Andrea Sneiderman, the widow accused of plotting to murder her husband, left a DeKalb County jail on Aug. 23 and will have to wear a bracelet around her ankle.

The monitoring device is a condition of her $500,000 bond. DeKalb County Judge Gregory Adams on Tuesday, Aug. 21, ordered Sneiderman to pay $250,000 of the bond in cash. She must also surrender her passport as well as the passports for her children. She will be confined to her parents home in Roswell as she waits for her day in court.

Prosecutors allege Sneiderman conspired with Hemy Neuman to murder her husband, Rusty Sneiderman, outside a Dunwoody daycare center in 2010. They allege her motive was her husband’s $2 million insurance policy.

Neuman was convicted earlier this year of shooting Rusty Sneiderman, a 36-year-old businessman and father.

Reporter Newspapers broadcast partner CBS Atlanta attempted to ask Sneiderman questions as she left the jail but she did not comment as she got into a van and left:

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