From police reports dated through Sept. 8.

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


1700 block of Cheshire Bridge Road, NE – An aggravated assault was reported on Aug. 29. A man said an unknown man threw a glass bottle against his vehicle. The bottle shattered and the glass cut the victim. The victim refused treatment at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Collier Road, NW – An aggravated assault was reported on Aug. 29.  An officer stopped a vehicle with no headlights and saw a woman had several injuries.  She said she got into an argument with her friend and he hit her multiple times, then he pulled a knife out and threatened to kill her. She said where the suspect could be found. The suspect was charged accordingly and transported to Fulton County Jail.

2000 block of Marietta Boulevard, NW – An aggravated assault was reported on Aug. 30. A suspect in a burgundy SUV assaulted a man with a tire iron while he was walking along the roadway.

Rumson Road @ Peachtree Road, NE – An aggravated assault at a restaurant was reported on Sept. 6. After the victim played a prank on the suspect, the suspect became angry. The suspect slapped, choked, then hit the victim’s head against the wall. The victim refused EMS.


1300 block of Northside Drive, NW – A rape was reported on Sept. 4. A woman said she was raped by three men.  She said she met a man she knew as Christian, who picked her up to take her to a recording studio.  She said they stopped at a gas station to purchase alcohol and then stopped by an apartment complex.  She said Christian had her drink three to four glasses of vodka and then he forced himself on top of her and penetrated her. She said two other men at the location also penetrated her.  She said Christian took her back to her hotel and dropped her off.  The victim recognized a subdivision, Shady Valley, when they left the gas station.  It is unclear whether the incident took place in Atlanta or DeKalb.


2300 block of Parkland Drive, NE – A pedestrian robbery was reported on Aug. 26.  Four unidentified men in a dark colored, four-door sedan robbed a woman at gun point while she was walking across the parking deck. They took her purse along with her keys. The suspects then used the victim’s keys to steal her vehicle.

3300 block of Piedmont Road, NE – A pedestrian robbery was reported on Aug. 29. The suspect walked up to the victim’s vehicle, tapped on the window, then told the victim to open the doors. Once inside, the suspect stole the victim’s keys, money and driver’s license, then ran away from the victim’s vehicle, and went into Kroger. He dumped a black backpack with a handgun inside. The item was recovered and the suspect left the location in a silver Buick.

2500 block of Piedmont Road, NE – A commercial robbery was reported on Aug. 30. A man approached the teller window with a plastic bag. While at the teller he demanded money, and $8,800 was taken by the suspect.  He was wearing a long brown wig, a black mask that covered the majority of his face, black hoodie, jeans, black hat and black gloves. Crime scene recovered the items in the parking lot. 

3400 block of Buckhead Loop, NE – A commercial robbery at a department store was reported on Aug. 31.  The store asset protection team had three shoplifters at the store. The woman would point out certain items and the men would stuff the items into a bag. Asset protection exchanged words with the subjects. One man pulled out a meat knife on asset protection and fled the store. The men threw the bag on the back of a pick-up truck. The bag was recovered with the items ($974 worth) as well as the meat knife. The incident was captured on security camera.

900 block of Collier Road, NW – A pedestrian robbery was reported on Sept. 1. Three unknown suspects robbed the victim at gunpoint, taking an iPad, car keys, apartment key, and an apartment gate key.

1100 block of Huff Road, NW – A residential robbery was reported on Sept. 2. Four unknown men held a woman at gunpoint and stole several items from her apartment including a TV, laptop, iPad and wallet. Security had video footage of the suspect’s vehicle, a black Honda with a Georgia Tech plate on front of the vehicle.

2100 block of McKinley Road, NW – A pedestrian robbery was reported on Sept. 2. Two unknown men produced a silver gun and demanded the victim’s things. The woman threw the items she had on her at them. The suspects stole her car and drove off.  A camera, iPhone, $5 and a vehicle were stolen.

Roswell Court, NE –A residential robbery was reported on Sept. 5. A man said he was awakened by two men armed with pistols. He said they demanded money and ransacked the residence. The suspects stole a submachine gun, a shotgun, and Samsung tablet. No signs of forced entry. The victim’s female friend was in the residence when he left and missing when he returned.

2300 block of Peachtree Road, NE – A commercial robbery was reported on Sept. 5. A man wearing a white shirt, Atlanta Braves hat, black pants, and carrying a black bag entered the store and concealed six packs of whitening strips and left the store without paying. The store manager approached him outside of the store. The man pulled out a box cutter and then walked away.

2500 block of Piedmont Road, NE – A pedestrian robbery was reported on Sept. 5.  The said he was going to purchase a cellphone from the suspect, but in the parking lot, the suspect brandished a black Glock and stole $120 dollars. The suspect drove off in white Ford truck. He has three tear drop tattoos under his left eye.

2200 block of Lenox Road, NE – A robbery of a pedestrian was reported on Sept. 5.  A man was walking back to his residence when two other men starting following him. One of the men said, “Give me your money.” One of the men grabbed a large piece of wood while the other man punched the victim in the face and then threw the victim into the bushes. One suspect then stole the victim’s cellphone and wallet. They then fled.

2400 block of Camellia Lane, NE – A pedestrian robbery was reported on Sept. 6.  A man said that he was walking down Piedmont Road when the suspect attacked him after asking for change. The

suspect took the victim’s book bag and fled the location.


3100 block of Slaton Drive, NW – A commercial burglary was reported on the morning on Aug. 26.  The reporting person said upon returning to work he discovered that the safe located beneath his desk was missing. A window in the women’s restroom had been broken. A window shutter had been pulled loose from its fixture and a gate to a fenced area where the window was broken was found ajar.

4000 block of Roswell Road, NE – A residential burglary was reported on Aug. 26.  An unknown suspect entered the victim’s home and turned on all the lights and the a/c system. Nothing was missing from the home. The following day, while the victim was at home, someone tried to open the door to the residence using a key.


2100 block of Monroe Drive, NE – A larceny at a gas station was reported on Aug. 26.  An unknown suspect stole the victim’s wallet from his pocket while he was walking on the sidewalk.

500 block of Wimbledon Road, NE – A larceny from an apartment was reported on Aug. 26. A maintenance man was a doing work inside the victim’s apartment when the items were stolen. The same man had been suspected in connection with other incidents on the property. He has been fired.

3300 block of Peachtree Road, NE –A larceny from a specialty store was reported on Aug. 27. A man wearing a red Philly baseball hat walked into the jewelry store and busted open the glass case.  He snatched a tray of jewelry valued at $30,000 and fled from the location. A witness saw him drop five of the 15 items on the floor. Those five items were returned back to the store and the hammer was turned in as evidence.

3300 block of Peachtree Road, NE –A larceny from a specialty store was reported on Aug. 27. An iPhone was stolen from the store display. The phone was attached to a locked security device that is equipped with an audible alarm. The phone is activated with GPS capability; however, no attempt to track the phone has been made.

1800 block of Howell Mill Road, NE – A larceny at a food truck park was reported on Aug. 29. An unknown suspect in a maroon Ford van with a broken tail light smashed through the fence and stole the ATM machine that was secured to the ground on top of a concrete slab. An individual in the area during the time said he heard a loud crash around 4 a.m. and saw a vehicle in the area near the ATM.

2000 block of Hollywood Road, NW –A larceny was reported on Aug. 30. An unknown man snatched the victim’s phone from his hands while he was standing on the corner. The suspect then jumped into a white vehicle driven by a second suspect, and left the area heading north.

3000 block of Piedmont Road, NE – A larceny from a gas station was reported on Aug. 31. The suspect took beef stick and peanuts off of the shelf, items totaling $2.16, and went into the restroom, changed clothing and exited, passing all points of payment.

3100 block of Piedmont Road, NE – A larceny at a bar was reported on Sept. 2.  A man said a woman he danced with stole his wallet.  The accused said the victim pulled his wallet out of his pocket, slammed it on the bar and asked her how much it would cost for her to have sex with him.  The bartender found the man’s wallet, but his Georgia ID card, debit card and $640 in cash was missing from the wallet and not in the accused’s possession.

3400 block of Peachtree Road, NE – A larceny from a department store was reported on Sept. 3. The arrestee was seen selecting two Versace jackets from the hangers, wrapping foil around the security sensors, then attempting to leave without paying. The two items were valued at $4,990.

3600 block of Powers Ferry Road, NE – A larceny from a gas station was reported on Sept. 5. The reporting party said he discovered someone had cut the front metal enclosure and taken the coin box off of the air-dispensing machine.

500 block of Main Street, NE – A larceny at a business was reported on Sept. 7.  Restaurant employees said a bag containing a laptop was taken from inside the establishment. After a unit reviewed video footage from that night, it revealed an employee took the laptop and bag. When questioned, the employee initially denied the theft.  After being shown the video footage of the theft, he admitted he took the bag. The employee was then given a chance to go and retrieve the computer and bag but he never returned as promised. A warrant will be taken out for theft.

Larceny from Auto

3300 block of Piedmont Road, NE – Larceny from an auto was reported on Aug. 29. Someone smashed the window on the victim’s silver 2006 Jeep and stole her gym bag from the back seat, with her rings and laptop inside. During the officer’s investigation, he was able to locate her gym bag in a nearby stairwell.

2100 block of Edison Avenue, NE – A larceny from an auto was reported on Sept. 8. An unknown suspect was able to enter the victim’s locked black Honda and take $1 in change.

Auto Theft

600 block of Antone Street, NW – A vehicle theft was reported on Aug. 28.  A man said that his 2008 Honda scooter was parked on the street and taken by an unknown man who rolled it down the street.  The victim was advised of this by a worker from a shop next door. The suspect could not be located. The officer told the victim that a report could not be done since he did not have the VIN and to call the precinct when he had the complete information. The scooter was put on the system, and the report also faxed to central records and to the pawn desk.