To the editor:

It is with dismay and disappointment that I read the article “Murder trial leads to unlikely friendships on Twitter” [Buckhead Reporter Sept.7-Sept. 20].

This is the sort of stuff one would expect in a grocery store trash bin publication that sensationalizes the worst in people. I expect better from your publication, a neighborhood newspaper. If these are my neighbors, I am moving.

We all have heard of this trial and the pain and anguish this family has experienced. And most of us are guilty of engaging in the speculation and discussion that accompanies a trial such as this. But few of us are proud of it, much less want it broadcast in a newspaper.

A group of people whose only purpose is to engage in idle gossip is not newsworthy. To call it a “Public Safety” article and write about it as though it were sport is inexcusable.

I cannot recall an article as tasteless as this. Your newspaper owes an apology to the families affected by this tragedy and to your readers who expect something this difficult and heartbreaking to be treated with more sensitivity.

Robert Franco