To the editor:

Walmart can bring many benefits to the residents and businesses of Buckhead. It’s the favorite store of the American people.

I have lived and worked in Buckhead for about 40 years. Now we have to go to Chamblee or out to Howell Mill Road to shop there.

Having a Walmart in Buckhead would help create many badly needed jobs. The average Walmart employs more than 120 people. When they go into a shopping center, they bring a high volume of shoppers who then frequent the restaurants, beauty shops and other stores creating dozens of more jobs. With unemployment in Atlanta at over 10 percent and a high number of foreclosures prevalent, we must change our thinking to be pro-growth and filter all of our decisions through that screen.

Having Walmart in Buckhead would keep Target, Kroger, Publix and others more competitive, benefiting all consumers.

This installation of Walmart and the other businesses that surround it and the development itself will increase the tax base of Atlanta, which we so terribly need to support our schools, public safety and transportation systems.

The development of Walmart and the area around it could help revitalize some of Buckhead’s blighted areas, like where The Dump was or the vacant area next to Chick-fil-A on Piedmont Road. But I am absolutely opposed to any tax subsidies for the development.

To oppose Walmart in Buckhead is to oppose more jobs for Buckhead, more competitive prices for our consumers, more convenience for our residents, an improved tax base for the city and redevelopment of blighted areas of Buckhead.

So, it’s common sense. Walmart needs to come to Buckhead.

Dan Moss, Jr.