Q: What issue should the new city of Brookhaven tackle first?

Asked at various locations in Brookhaven, including the Brookhaven Farmers Market, Briarwood Recreation Center and Oglethorpe University.

“I’ve certainly been a little concerned about crime in the area. It scares me.”
Carolyn Andra, with her dog, Samson
“I think the first thing they should do is come together as representatives of the new city and formulate a plan so they can move forward together.”
Chad Boles
“I don’t really know the answer yet. I’m just going to do my best to vote for the best council and mayor, and [deciding] that’s going to be their jobs.”
Bill Johnson
“Fix the roads. Potholes and things like that were a big thing with the formation of the city of Brookhaven.”
Nathan Williams
“The roads. I’d be happy with that. I think that would be enough. Then, the parks. But first, the roads.”
Robert Marrero
“I’d love to see them pass a sign ordinance.”
Denise Johnson
“The first thing for me – for him (gestures toward her son, Drew) – is parks.”
Ellen Gibel with her husband, Jeff, and son, Drew, 8 months
“The first thing the city should do is propose a realistic, frugal budget that allows for the inevitable emergency spending that will occur. Don’t spend everything we have in Week One!”
Lori Harris
“Blackburn Park could use some attention. I would say Blackburn would be a good place to start. Fix it up in the daytime and in the nighttime, clean up anything going on over there.”
Jim Llewellyn
“Get the police department up and running. Without that, nothing else matters. You’ve got to have that to protect the rest.”
Steve Walker
“I want to see them implement a good government and don’t raise taxes. We’re very interested in a police force. Other than that, I just want to see a new city work.”
Jim Bradford
“I’d like to feel that we have a safe city and feel our new government is totally open and transparent and honest. I want to see it succeed. I wasn’t for it, but now that we have the city I’m totally on board.”
Lil Woolf
“I guess what I would like is effective and responsive governance.”
Stan Shapiro
“I would say outsourcing key services like police.”
Bob Burns
“Taking care of the parks. We’re going to have a rather large number of parks in this small area.”
Mary McPherson
“The obvious thing is get all the committees in place and get all the regulations going … There are some bureaucratic things that have to be gotten out of the way before other things like zoning can be done.”
Richard Serfozo

Joe Earle

Joe Earle is Editor-at-Large. He has more than 30-years of experience with daily newspapers, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.