By Lauren Duncan

  • Elizabeth Bogue
  • The Lovett School, senior
Elizabeth Bogue

Elizabeth Bogue reaches out to her community every year via Breakthrough Atlanta and the Honor Council at The Lovett School.

Breakthrough Atlanta is a mentor program in which high-achieving middle school students from metro Atlanta public schools are given educational opportunities that they would not normally have. The program also enables high school and college students to teach the children.

That’s where Elizabeth comes in – every summer and twice a month during the school year, Elizabeth teaches Social Studies and Latin to children at Breakthrough Atlanta. She views her relationship with the students as being a “cross between a teacher and a camp counselor.”

In order to get into the program, students have to apply and be accepted. After that, the program is completely free. Students are put into a “homeroom” of 20 with four teachers for different subjects. “A lot of them are going to be the first people in their family to go to college,” Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth also works on the Honor Council at her school.

The Honor Council is basically a courtroom for students facing charges of cheating. The council consists of about 12 members. They listen to the perspectives of both teacher and student in order to decide an appropriate punishment. “We take a lot into consideration since we’re also students and can sympathize,” Elizabeth commented.

Elizabeth’s teacher, Jennifer Blake, calls Elizabeth “a very intelligent young woman who approaches her studies with a passion for learning.”

“ She is a leader in the classroom, eagerly exploring new ideas through class discussion,” Blake said.

Not only is Elizabeth a teacher and an Honor Council member, but she is also a talented cellist.

Elizabeth has pursued the cello for 12 years. She thinks “music is a really good outlet to have to do something more creative.”

Elizabeth really loves playing the cello at Lovett. Breaking up the day with a non-academic class helps her to relieve stress and express her emotions through music.

What’s Next:

Elizabeth has applied to many different colleges, but does not have her heart set on anywhere in particular. She plans to continue to play the cello as long as possible.