Smiling wooden pigs, fish cut from peach pits and scores of other works by Sandy Springs woodcarver Moses Robinson will go on display next spring at the Heritage Sandy Springs museu

A carving by Moses Robinson.

m, curator Kimberly Brigance announced during a reception Oct. 23.

Robinson lived from 1845 to 1942. He took up whittling in his 60s and created hundreds of pieces, Brigance told more than 60 people who attended the announcement at Heritage Hall at Heritage Green. He gave most of his carvings away, primarily to children, she said.

Robinson’s tiny carved menagerie appears happy, Brigance pointed out. “No matter how tiny it is, it has a little smile on its face,” she said of the carvings, some of which were smaller than the face of a wristwatch.

A carving by Moses Robinson.

His great-grandchildren will loan his carvings to the museum for an exhibition to be called “Wit in Wood: The Art of Moses Robinson,” she said. The exhibit will be the first of his work, she said.

“This collection is Sandy Springs,” she said. “It’s not just the skill of carver… at the most basic level, this is Sandy Springs. These are trees that sheltered Native Americans, peach pits from Sandy Springs orchards. He [Robinson] knew Sandy Springs when there not a foot of pavement on these streets.”

After Brigance’s presentation, members of the audience examined the small carvings on display. “It’s a wonderful collection,” Guy Berger said.