The new city of Brookhaven is set to begin operations Dec. 17, and the Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce won’t be far behind.

Todd Lantier, the District 2 representative for the Governor’s Commission on Brookhaven, said the Brookhaven Community Connection is working to become the city’s chamber of commerce.

Lantier also serves as president of the Brookhaven Community Connection, which is a monthly networking organization for the business community in the Brookhaven area.

Lantier said he is working to recruit members and hopes to kick off the chamber of commerce at the beginning of 2013.

“We’re starting to get people interested,” Lantier said.

Joe DeVita, founder of the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce, is one of the advisers helping Lantier get the Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce started.

“The folks here in Dunwoody have been following Brookhaven. We were interested in how Brookhaven was progressing,” DeVita said. “I looked into it and met Todd, and I’ve been assisting Todd getting the Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce established.”

DeVita said in the early days of the Dunwoody incorporation effort, he realized that roughly 60 percent of the city’s tax base would be businesses. He felt it was important for those businesses to have a voice in city government.

“So the chamber of commerce is the organization that becomes their voice in government,” DeVita said.

DeVita said the Brookhaven Community Connection is in a good position to attract members and reorganize as a chamber of commerce.

“There’s a lot of work getting a chamber up and running. Brookhaven Community Connection is already a 501c (6) organization,” DeVita said, meaning it has a status as a business advocacy group. “Already being established and already having a membership base, it’s an ideal organization to become the chamber.”