The Zoning Committee for Neighborhood Planning Unit-B has voted in favor of Camden Property Trust’s proposed development at 77 East Andrews Drive, on the condition that the developer will meet with the neighborhood association this week to finalize an agreement.

The request will go to the Nov. 6 NPU-B board for consideration before being heard by Atlanta’s Zoning Review Board on Nov. 8.

The two mixed-use phases of Camden’s proposal, totaling about 16 acres, will flank nearly 380 luxury apartments already under construction at the site.

Camden has established a basic concept of mixed commercial and retail space with street-side restaurants and the possibility of some additional residential. However, the property group’s representatives say they have not settled on the specifics of what the ratio of retail to commercial space will be.

Carl Westmoreland, an attorney for Camden Trust, says this is in part due to the area’s Special Public Interest zoning designation, which puts tight restrictions on how the area is developed.

Unlike development in other areas of the city, construction in Buckhead’s SPI-9 district must apply for a Special Administrative Permit from the City Planning Department’s Development Review Committee, even after a project has been approved by the city.

The company plans to have a site plan available by the time they meet with the Planning Department.

“I would expect smaller retail units would make the most sense near the intersection [of Roswell and East Andrews],” Westmoreland said by phone last week. “It’s certainly not going to be big box retail.”

While there will be restaurant space at the new development, Camden has promised neighbors that there will be no bars at the site.

NPU-B zoning chair Bill Murray said he thinks the new development could be a catalyst for improvements throughout the area. “This activity has generated a lot of interest from the Buckhead Village community,” he said. “I wouldn’t be surprised to see revitalization of some of the retail space nearby.”