Adrian Bonser
Adrian Bonser

When the Dunwoody Board of Ethics met to hear charges against City Councilwoman Adrian Bonser, someone was missing.


When the meeting was called to order at 9 a.m. Nov. 26, Bonser was not present. Neither was her attorney, Matthew Reeves. When hearing officer Dennis Still asked those in attendance if anyone had heard from Bonser, the room was quiet.

So the hearing proceeded. Mayor Mike Davis testified that a city investigation had pointed to Bonser as the source of a leak of information from a closed council meeting. Resident Bonnie Brucker then testified that she had written a letter to city officials saying she and Bonser talked about a February executive session.

But about 30 minutes after the hearing started, Reeves rushed into the meeting room and asked that the hearing be stopped.

“Dr. Bonser and I were not provided notice of this meeting,” Reeves said.

The ethics board members, their attorney and City Clerk Sharon Lowery paused for a few minutes to go back through the public notices.

“In looking at this I do not see this addressed to Dr. Bonser or her counsel,” said board member Janet Webb.

Lowery admitted Bonser’s omission from the list was a mistake. “I think we dropped the ball,” she said. “They will be on the next notice. That certainly will not happen again.”

She said Davis also was left off the notification list.

Webb made a motion to end the meeting and set a hearing for a later date.

The board is scheduled to reconvene Dec. 12.

The intent of the Nov. 26 meeting was to hear two ethics complaints: one filed by members of Dunwoody City Council against Bonser and one filed against Davis by Bonser.

Earlier this year, the mayor and council members accused Bonser of leaking private information about a property transaction from a private February executive session. The transaction was part of the Project Renaissance development in the Georgetown area of Dunwoody.

Bonser filed a complaint against the mayor, accusing him of threatening her and asking her to leave office.

The parties have been in mediation to try to resolve the conflict.