These are some, but not all, of the reports filed with Sandy Springs Police Department during a period ending Dec. 17.


5600 block of Roswell Road 30342 — A woman reported that she was in the T-Mobile Store and was in the process of switching her phone service Dec. 10. She laid her phone on the counter. She said a male then grabbed the phone and ran out of the store.

6125 Roswell Road 30328 A man walked into the Smoke 911 Store on Dec. 11 and gave the clerk $3 for rolling papers. The man then walked around to the cashier’s area (just as the clerk opened the drawer) and grabbed a small amount of cash and fled.


1700 block of Greyfield Lane 30350 — Someone kicked in the front door on Dec. 10 and took a PS3 video game system and about 7 video games.

500 block of Carriage Drive 30328 — Someone entered the victim’s home on Dec. 11, from the back it appears, and took two televisions.

5500 block of Glenridge Drive 30342 Someone pried the deadbolts from the rear door to the victim’s home on Dec. 11. They took TV’s and video game items.

2200 block of Jefferson Drive 30350 Someone forced the front door to the victim’s apartment on Dec. 11. Missing are credit cards, jewelry, and electronic items including an Apple iPad and HP laptop. Another burglary was later reported in this area. Electronics were taken in that incident.

5500 block of Glenridge Drive 30342 Sometime between 11:40 p.m. and 2 a.m. on Dec. 12, someone entered the victim’s apartment and took a knife set. The victim suspects his ex-girlfriend.

Long Island Place 30342 — Someone broke into the victim’s home through a window on Dec. 12. Taken were numerous Christmas gifts, jewelry, two TV’s, a laptop, and several other items. Neighbors said they saw two vehicles parked across the street about the time of the break-in. They were a navy Mercedes and a gray-and-green Toyota Tundra pickup with tinted windows.

100 block of Granville Court 30328 –Sometime between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Dec. 12, someone entered the victim’s home and stole a laptop. They entered through the sliding door.

1400 block of Huntcliff Village Drive 30350 — Someone entered an apartment on Dec. 13 and took a laptop. No forced entry was found.

6800 block of Hunter’s Knoll 30328 — A resident reported that someone had gone into his garage on Dec. 14 and then into his car. A jacket and backpack were taken. The garage was secure, but the resident reported that the garage doorway was unlocked.

1000 block of Clementstone Drive 30328 — Someone entered through a back unlocked door on Dec. 15 and took two laptops from the home.

7100 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328 Someone entered the victim’s apartment on Dec. 16 and took a laptop.


5400 block of Meridian Mark Drive 30342 — An employee reported that someone took her credit cards from an office area on Dec. 10. The credit cards were replaced by a Marta Breeze Card.

6350 Roswell Road 30328 — A woman reported that someone took her wallet from the shopping cart while she was shopping at the Costco on Dec. 11. They later used the credit cards at Lowe’s and Home Depot.

6300 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328 — Items were taken from a guest’s room at an extended stay hotel on Dec. 10.

5600 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30342 — A man reported that on Dec. 11, someone took his wallet and phone from his office.

1100 block of Mt. Vernon Hwy 30328 — A man reported on Dec. 15 that he put his credit card, money, and DL in a locker and secured it with a combination lock. He later found that the lock had been tampered with and his items gone.

6100 Roswell Road 30328 — A woman reported that she left her wallet at the Mellow Mushroom Restaurant on Dec. 11. She was later contacted by an employee and told that they found her wallet. She later reported that $65 was missing from it. Employees said they saw three men going from table to table who may have been responsible for the theft. One of them later turned the wallet in.

5600 block of Kingsport Drive 30342 —An employee for EPS Parking Enforcement reported that on Dec. 13 someone took two “boots” that he installed on a black Audi vehicle.

6690 Roswell Road 30328

The victim said his locker had been secured with a combination lock while he was at the gym on Dec. 16. He found later that someone used a pry tool had been used to open the lock. He was missing cash. (A second, third, and fourth theft was reported at this location and time frame.)

A tip: Combination locks are not difficult to open if you know a few simple tricks that I won’t divulge here. Simply put though, pad locks are a better bet. You’ll need to carry a key, but they do not open like combination locks. At the gym, padlock the locker and safety pin the key to your gym clothes. Double up your security by not having anything of value, such as your wallet, credit cards or cash in your locker.

Theft from vehicles

Dec. 10 — 1500 block of Spalding Drive 30350; 1021 Mt. Vernon Hwy 30328.

Dec. 11 — 4920 Roswell Road 30342; 5320 Roswell Road 30342; 1000 block of Brentwood Way 30350.

Dec. 12 — 4920 Roswell Road 30342; 5600 Roswell Road 30342.

Dec. 13 — 600 block of Winding Creek Court 30328; 6300 Powers Ferry Road 30328; 900 block of Abernathy Road 30328 12/13.

Dec. 14 — 100 block of Granville Court (x2) 30328 ; 6600 block of Hunter’s Knoll 30328; 6100 block of Roswell Road 30328; 7300 block of Hunter’s Branch (x2) 30328.

Dec. 16 — 3500 block of Greenwood Close 30350; 3600 block of Westcott Way 30350; 500 block of Taunton Way 30350.


290 Carpenter Drive 30328 — A man reported on Dec. 10 that someone hacked into his phone system and made over $1,300 worth of calls. Most of the calls were international.

A man reported that someone accessed his debit card and made about $4,000 in purchases on it.

A woman reported that someone opened two Comcast accounts in her name and personal information.

A man reported that he applied for a job online. He received a contact who offered a job as a personal assistant. He then received a check for $4,000 from a “Mr. Kombs” and was told to deposit the check and then send $2,000 via Western Union to an overseas account. The man was also told to purchase $1,200 in items at Home Depot. He was told to ship these purchases to a “Mrs. Walsh.”

After all this, what do you think happened?

a. He pocketed the remaining $800 and had a lot of cash for Christmas.

b. He delivered the goods to “Mrs. Walsh” who shot him in the face with Febreze.

c. He added a couple of zeros to the check and is spending Christmas in Aruba.

d. He just got royally screwed when the bank gave him the bad news on the fraudulent check.

This is a popular fraud. When they want to send you a check that you will deposit and forward some of the money somewhere else, it’s the “red flare” you need to recognize that it’s a scam. Anything with the word “overseas account” should be a screaming clue that you need to disengage.

8300 block of Roswell Road 30350 A man came into a retail store on Dec. 13 and tried to buy several items with a counterfeit $100 bill. The employees recognized the man because he tried to do the same thing some time earlier and although they confronted the man over the money, they didn’t confiscate it. This time they did. The suspect told the employees he was going to call the police. The employees said they were going to do the same thing. The man fled.

Spring Creek Lane 30350 On Dec. 14, a woman said she found a Yorkshire puppy for sale on the Internet. She sent two wire payments to Minnesota, totaling $490 for the dog. She received a call from the puppy service and was told they needed $990 for insurance. She said no and they said the deal was off. She thinks that they never intended to make a legit deal.


6800 block Roswell Road 30328 12/10

Cops responded to an assault. Officers pieced together the following sequence of events:

An employee of a taxi company opened the business lobby door and began to spray Febreze to neutralize the odor omitted by the air conditioner. Suddenly, without warning, another employee, standing in the line of fire, knocked the bottle out of the man’s hand, citing that he was shot and hit by the spray of the bottle. An independent witness did not confirm the second man’s account of the shooting. The man, who claimed being sprayed, told the officers he needed an ambulance to immediately treat the wounds. The EMS crew could not find anything wrong with him—at least physically.

The man who still claimed being maimed by the shooting spray of the Febreze bottle exclaimed: “This is racist!”

The victim of the racist Febreze incident then demanded to be taken to the hospital. They cops and EMS personnel said “okay.”

The man then refused to be transported. All during the event, there was an air of a clean, refreshing scent that packed even more odor-eliminating power to remove extra-tough odors.

It should be noted that Febreze has been determined safe for household pets and people who think others are racists when they don’t get their way. We do not endorse Febreze in any way and as always, we urge citizens to remember that like all other weapons, please point your Febreze down range in case of accidental discharge.

8100 block of Colquitt Road 30350 — A man reported Dec. 10 that at about 4 p.m. he got off the bus and was walking home when he was assaulted by three men who knocked him down and kicked him before fleeing in a car.

4500 block of Roswell Road 30342 — A woman reported Dec. 10  that her boyfriend hit her in the face several times. She then broke up with him but he calls her repeatedly at her job.

6923 Roswell Road 30328 —  On Dec. 11, Officers located one man and arrested him on three counts of financial transaction card fraud. The man had small bags of marijuana on him at the time of the arrest.


First block of Northwood Drive 30342 — Officers responded to a dispute Dec. 10 at an apartment and on arrival they found that one of the persons involved was wanted in Gwinnett County. He was arrested and transferred to Gwinnett PD.

200 block of East Belle Isle Drive 30342 — Cops were called Dec. 10 to a dispute at an apartment. Here’s how it all went down: A man said he was in bed when his woman came in the room wanting gas money. He didn’t have any. She got mad and started slamming his door until it broke. He retaliated by throwing her TV out of the room. The woman began to hit the man in the bedroom. He then exited while she threw CD’s at him. The victim had a slight injury to his face. She was arrested.

355 Winding River Drive 30350 — Officers responded to an “armed person” call at an apartment on Dec. 12. They found that the call appeared to be domestic related. They were invited into the apartment by a female. Once inside, they were told a white male subject may be hiding in one of the bedroom closets and he may have a gun. They found a white male and female in bed but no one in the closet. They did see what appeared to be drugs and drug-related items so a search warrant was obtained and several arrests were made on various drug charges. One man was also wanted in Bibb County on probation violation.

5610 Roswell Road 30342 — Cops arrested one man for shoplifting at the Target Store on Dec. 12. He took two DVDs and left without paying. Officers arrived just before the man left the building. When he did, they detained and later arrested him after recovering the DVD’s.

6300 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328 — Officers were called to Costco on Dec. 12 where they spoke to store security, who detained a man for taking five Blu-Ray movies and stuffing them in his pants and then attempting to leave the store. The offender was a juvenile and so he was turned over to his father pending a court hearing.