• Tarrek Shaban
  • Senior, North Springs Charter High School
Tarrek Shaban

In the math/science magnet program at North Springs Charter High School, Tarrek Shaban explores his passion for both technology and the humanities.

Asked about what differentiates him from other teens his age, Tarrek replied “my love for the moment of discovery.”

He knows that moment well. “Once I hit another one of those moments of discovery, all the work and sleeplessness has been worth it,” he said.

Last year, inspired by a Technology Entertainment Design video, Tarrek stayed up night after night working on a project to compete in the state technology fair.

“I finished a prototype around Thanksgiving and it was one of the most exciting things I had ever done,” he said. “I brought it into school and saw my peers’ reaction and I was instantly refueled to keep on pushing until I had my final project.”

Tarrek created an affordable, touch screen computer that offered unlimited touch points, yet also had the ability to function as a normal computer. At 35 inches, the screen could be built for less than $400. His hard work paid off when he placed first at the Fulton County tech fair and then at the state fair.

Tarrek also is very active in the community and serves in many school leadership roles.

He’s captain of the North Springs Academic Bowl team, is an officer of the Student Court of Affairs, president-elect of Health Occupations Students of America, student chair of the school’s Media Technology Committee, co-captain of Science Olympiad, and founding president and co-captain of Future Problem Solvers International.

He is the captain and president of the school’s robotics team and a founding member of Model United Nations. In Model U.N., his team was one of 108 to win an outstanding delegation award, and Tarrek received an individual award as a distinguished delegate.

In mock trial competition, he was named an outstanding attorney.

“The list goes on,” said Judy Roseman, sponsor of the Mock Trail team and chair of the school’s Language Arts department. “He is a real leader and contributor in every area – winning awards in everything he does. I know he’ll continue to be a standout and successful in everything he does in the future.”

Tarrek Shaben, right, holds a lamp to mimic the sun, in an effort to harness energy for David Walston’s solar powered car. Woodland Elementary fourth graders worked with the North Springs Charter High School’s robotics team to build the vehicles.

This year, Tarrek won a grant from the Sandy Springs Education Force so the North Springs robotic team could work with younger students from nearby Woodland Elementary School to learn about robots.

“What I like best about Tarrek is how refreshingly genuine he is, how capable he is and how unselfish he is with his time and his abilities,” North Springs Public Relation Liaison Carol Ciepluch said.

Tarrek’s work experience includes a job at Publix, an externship at Northside Hospital and an internship with Illuminate 360, which is a web/graphic design company.

What’s Next:

Tarrek hopes to study political and computer science at The University of Chicago, Vanderbilt University, Emory University or Washington University in St. Louis.

–Charlotte McCauley