Note: Red numbers identify which beat generated the most reports of a specific kind of offense. Source: Atlanta Police Department

Atlanta Police Zone 2, which covers Buckhead, was the only zone in the city with an overall increase in crime in 2012, but it was also the only zone that had no homicides, Atlanta Police data show.

Crime in the zone increased 8 percent in 2012. Zone 2 generated 346 reports of violent crime, the lowest in the city.

Its next door neighbor to the south, Zone 1, generated 1,209 reports of violent crime, the highest in the city. Buckhead did lead the rest of the city in property crimes, with 5,320 incidents reported.

In late 2011, Zone 2 was redesigned to include 3 square miles from Zone 6. The zone now includes the Cheshire Bridge Road/Morningside corridor. Beat 212 includes Cheshire Bridge Road and data that show the area generated 359 reports of crimes.

According to Atlanta police, patrol beats in Zone 2 contain these neighborhoods:

Beat 201: Paces, Pleasant Hill, Margaret Mitchell, Wesley Battle, Brandon, Westminster-Milmar, Townsend Place

Beat 202: Mt. Paran Parkway, Mt. Paran/Northside, Randall Mill, West Paces/Northside, Tuxedo Park, Kingswood, Whitewater Creek, Chastain Park, Longcourte, Paces West

Beat 205: Argonne Forest, Castlewood, Wyngate, Arden Habersham, Peachtree Battle Alliance, Woodfield, Memorial Park, Collier Hills, Collier Hills North, Springlake, Channing Valley, Wildwood

Beat 206: South Tuxedo Park, Peachtree Heights West, Garden Hills, Peachtree Heights East

Beat 207: Ardmore, Brookwood Hills, Brookwood, Loring Heights

Beat 208: Buckhead Forest

Beat 209: North Buckhead, Brookhaven, East Chastain Park

Beat 210: Buckhead Heights, Ridgedale Park, Pine Hills

Beat 211: Peachtree Park, Peachtree Hills, Lindbergh/Morosgo

Beat 212: (includes Cheshire Bridge Road) Lindridge Martin Manor

Beat 203, 204 and 213: Do not contain Buckhead neighborhoods

Dan Whisenhunt

Dan Whisenhunt wrote for Reporter Newspapers from 2011 - 2014. He is the founder and editor of