Janice Palmer
Janice Palmer

Interior designers from Buckhead and Brookhaven have been selected by the American Craft Council to create rooms inspired by its fine craft pieces.

The American Craft Council Show, coming to the Cobb Galleria Centre March 15-17, will feature jewelry, clothing, furniture, home décor and other crafts from 240 of the country’s top craft makers.

This year, the council has selected 10 Atlanta interior designers to compose rooms using craft pieces from the show’s artists.

The display, called “Make Room: Modern Design Meets Craft,” features room designs that reflect the character of each piece. The designers start with a blank 10×10 white space and a craft piece. Each room will showcase the craft, and reflect the designer’s personal style and vision.

Four of the 10 selected designers are from Buckhead and one lives in Brookhaven.

Janice Palmer, of Buckhead, said she will be designing around two pieces — one made from Moreno glass and the other a piece of pottery.

“I wanted to do a sexy, sophisticated living room and I wanted to use another element to wood. A lot of people are using wood, so I found myself using glass. I love Moreno glass,” Palmer said.

William Peace

Palmer describes her style as “classic contemporary with a twist.”

“I like timeless stuff, but I’m more on the contemporary side,” Palmer said.

Buckhead designer William Peace said he is creating a “thought-provoking” sitting room or studio area with textured walls that evoke a European ruin.

“We’re kind of creating an industrial background,” Peace said. “It will be a relatively neutral palette which will enhance the artwork we’ll be using.”

The art Peace selected is made from structural wire and pottery. There are wall-mounted and table-top pieces.

“It will have a loungy, mid-century furnishing quality about it,” Peace said.

Peace, a longtime fan of the American Craft Council Show, said the display will give people an opportunity to see how crafts could be used in their own homes.

“You see so many of these crafts together, it can be hard for people to visualize, how will this work in my own home or my own office?” Peace said. “Especially if they see them out of context, it’s hard to visualize how would one of these, or a series of these, would look in my space?”

Peace said he’s glad the show will incorporate designers this year.

“It really is kind of fun for us to get creative and do something different than a client might hire us to do,” Peace said.