The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office is showing concern about possible gang activity in Buckhead following complaints from residents about increased graffiti throughout the community.

Zone 2 Community Prosecutor Tiffany Harlow told the March 5 meeting of Buckhead’s NPU-B that prosecutors are working on a fledgling gang initiative to establish whether criminal gangs may be operating in the community.

“Some [of the graffiti] may be affiliated with gangs, some may not,” Harlow told NPU-B board members. “But we are going to be looking at that.”

Harlow said prosecutors have reached out to Atlanta’s high school students for feedback on the prevalence of gang activity amongst area teens.

The DA’s office hopes to put together a council to facilitate continuous communication about gang activities in Atlanta’s schools, she said. The group will be named for a Chicago honor student who was killed in a gang shooting in January.

“We are trying to start a council,” she said, “to get kids who are doing well in school and aren’t targets for gangs to go and speak with their fellow classmates, to keep them protected from gang violence.”