Q: Have school officials done enough to try to address the DeKalb system’s troubles? If not, what more should they do?

Asked at several locations where parents gather in Dunwoody and Brookhaven

“It’s a terrible mess. I see it on the news and it’s terribly troubling. I hate to see DeKalb County schools turn into Clayton County schools. With the governor’s help, we hope to get it fixed. Whatever they do, I hope they do it quickly.”
Tim Desrosiers
“I don’t think the school system is doing enough to solve their problems. I think the school board members who have caused the problems ought to go ahead and resign so we can solve the problems.”
Karen Ashley
“No. I think what we have is a potential crisis that can be averted. We have excellent educators and very poor leadership. If they’ll clean house…I think an excellent school system can be saved. Otherwise, we’re in trouble.
The education my children are getting is excellent. It’s a level up we’ve got to deal with.”
Deanna Hamilton
“No. I feel they should work with the parents a little more, and the community. You have such strong schools, like Montgomery [Elementary School] and the Dunwoody schools. I don’t think they do enough to recognize this area of town.
[The DeKalb system is] just too big. They have to control the whole county. I’m from Connecticut. We had small towns [and small school districts] and I think it worked better. They obviously can’t do it here. It’s not working.”
Pam Rock
“No. I don’t understand why adults can’t get their act together to handle money and how that affects my child.”
Sherry Allen
“I think the district is focused on legalities right now instead of coming together to focus on the interests of, not only the children, but the community. I also believe that (and even children know) everything has a consequence – a good consequence or a bad consequence.”
Michelle Kovitch
“I don’t think so. I’d like to give more control to the city.”
Jennifer Dowhower
“No. They need to get their finances in order, and they need to focus on the classroom institutions now to better educate our children.”
Jennifer Westrick
“Quite frankly, no. It seems like people in DeKalb are still focused on their own well-being and not on the well-being of the children. They should spend less time arguing in court and more time fixing their accreditation issues.”
Don Mueller
“I think they’re focusing way too much on issues they don’t need to be focusing on. They need to be focusing on the children. I feel like it puts everyone in a state of confusion, and I know that comes out in the classroom.”
Carrie Raizes