From left: Brookhaven Mayor J. Max Davis and City Manager Marie Garrett introduce Police Chief Gary Yandura at a press conference April 2.

Hiram Police Chief Gary Yandura, a 38-year veteran of law enforcement, will serve as Brookhaven’s first police chief.

Yandura, who previously served as chief of police in College Park, was introduced as Brookhaven’s new chief during a press conference April 2. His first day in Brookhaven will be April 15.

“I am humbled and honored to be chosen as police chief for Brookhaven,” Yondura said.

Brookhaven City Manager Marie Garrett said city officials are deferring to Yondura’s professional experience in law enforcement to determine how many officers to hire for the department.

She said Brookhaven’s feasibility study conducted by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia will not dictate staffing levels.

“The study recommends 54 officers. We are not going to hold Gary to that,” Garrett said.

Yondura said he hopes to have officers on the streets of Brookhaven this summer.

“We’d like to get heavy involvement in the community to find out what their needs and expectations are,” Yondura said.