At the City Council’s April 23 meeting, Pink Pony lawyer Alan Begner asked the council to reconsider allowing the club to continue serving alcohol.

Begner asked the council to allow the Pink Pony to continue operating under its current agreement with DeKalb County.

He said Brookhaven’s recently passed ordinance that bans nude dancing and the sale of alcohol could be applied only to new businesses.

“You don’t have any citizens that I can see that really care about whether the Pink Pony is put out of business,” Begner said. “It’s in extreme south Brookhaven. It’s off a main street. It’s not near any sensitive uses.

“I urge you as a city council to grandfather us in, and the citizens will appreciate that you don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend a lawsuit that is almost ready to file and the possibility of millions of dollars of damages that would occur if you move to destroy our business and fail.”