Gov. Nathan Deal announced in a press conference May 22 that the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts have committed to provide $10.5 million toward improving the I-285/Ga. 400 interchange.

Deal applauded the organization for working with the state to help move the transportation project forward.

“This interchange is crucial to one of the metro region’s greatest economic engines. This project provides important economic and quality of life benefits,” Deal said in a news release. “It improves the movement of people and goods across and within the state, expands Georgia’s role as a major logistics hub for global commerce and assists in creating jobs and growing businesses. Due to limited resources, this model of partnership gives us the tools we need to facilitate major transportation projects.”

PCIDs board chairmen John Heagy and Chuck Altimari announced that the organization plans to issue a $10 million bond for measurable project milestones. The PCIDs have also approved $500,000 to provide partnership building, research and support for the first phases of the interchange project, according to a news release from Deal’s office.

The governor’s office also said the Atlanta Regional Commission Board has  voted to include $2 million in Metro Atlanta’s Transportation Improvement Plan this year to continue engineering project development for the interchange.

The Georgia Department of Transportation is developing a plan for interchange improvements.  GDOT expects a federal environmental decision in 2015 for the entire Revive I-285 project.