To the editor:

The owners of the Pink Pony strip club filed a lawsuit against the city of Brookhaven, saying the city’s sexually-oriented business ordinance is unconstitutional.

I am very disappointed that our new city of Brookhaven has not grandfathered in an established business in our community, the Pink Pony.

I believe our city has overstepped its bounds to “protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Brookhaven,” to quote a quote attributed to our new Mayor, J. Max Davis, in your newspaper. [Brookhaven Reporter, May 17-30.]

I do not believe the Pink Pony represents a threat to our citizens any more than all the other bars that exist in our community that are not being forced out of business.

If a citizen does not approve of nude dancing – don’t go!

Citizens have their own way of “protecting themselves” in these matters by choosing what venues to visit. Obviously, we have plenty of citizens who enjoy the Pink Pony or it wouldn’t be there!

So, newly-elected officials, please tread lightly on assuming what your constituents “want and need,” and don’t rush to judgment on closing down the Pink Pony.

Beth Taylor