Q: Are local cities doing the right thing by attacking strip clubs?

“I don’t know that [the cities] are going about it the right way. I don’t like all the fighting. There’s a significant amount of people not listening to each other and ruling out a compromise. I’m not an advocate of Big Government, but I don’t want to live next to [a strip club], either.”
Kirby Yoder
“I’m really split on that. I work in the city of Atlanta right across the street from one of the strip clubs. The patrons are constantly causing us a problem at work. I’m really split. I respect their right to have their business as long as they don’t bother anyone else.”
Eleanor Meeker
“It’s a hard question to answer. Strip clubs will exist no matter where you are. If you move them out of the city of Atlanta, they will move somewhere else and the city will lose the revenue. They’re going to exist somewhere, but where are they going to go?”
Dana Major-Wilson
“I’ll fall on the side of allowance, but regulation. I think that, definitely, the community should decide what businesses they allow.”
Allin Tallmadge
“I think every city has them. I don’t know that you can legislate out all the undesirable businesses from a city.”
Alissa Manolescu
“It’s just a hard thing to address. I wouldn’t want them next door to me, but, at the same time, people have a right to have their businesses.”
Alicia Blanton
“I’d rather not have strip clubs in the neighborhood. I feel like they can exist. I just don’t want them in my neighborhood. ”
Abbe Kantor
“It sounds like a good thing to me. Generally speaking, you want to live in a neighborhood that is much more community oriented. I don’t think strip clubs really promote that.”
Sandy Mencher
“I have feelings on both sides of the issue. I guess that on one hand, I respect the city’s right to try and improve the neighborhoods … but on the other hand, I respect the business owners’ rights to operate as long as they comply with the law.”
Peter Cook
“I don’t think it’s the city’s place to say there can’t be strip clubs. I think they should regulate them. They can be a quality establishment. There are high-end strip clubs.”
Penny Hendry
“I think it’s a bad idea. It’s a tax base and it’s not threatening our family lifestyle.”
Mike Blanton
“I’m opposed to the strip clubs. It just seems like a lot of unnecessary things happen around that environment. We’d like to keep it as far away from our family as possible.”
Mark Stovin