John Heneghanm
John Heneghanm

City Council wants its lawyers to review agreements over advertising on MARTA bus shelters since some members want to get rid of the ads.

“All these shelters have been upgraded after our sign ordinance [was approved], and therefore, they need to be pulled,” Councilman John Heneghan said. “I’m against this. I want to fight this. I believe they’re in violation of our sign ordinance and should be pulled out.”

CBS Outdoor contracts with MARTA to advertize on system bus shelters, Lenny Felgin, a city attorney, told council members. MARTA shares revenue with communities where the shelters are placed, Felgin said, and Dunwoody’s share is about $28,000 a year. There are a dozen shelters in Dunwoody that bear advertising, he said.

But some council members seemed to think the advertising didn’t fit in on Dunwoody’s streets. “What I’m hearing is we really don’t want the ads. We want the shelters,” Councilman Denny Shortal said.

Felgin said that if the council barred the advertising, the city might have to pay CBS Outdoor for its lost revenues from use of the space. MARTA’s contract with CBS extends through 2022, he said.