DeKalb County officials are threatening to take the city of Brookhaven to court if the city doesn’t pay for the police and parks services the county has provided over the past six months.

The city and county have been negotiating for months over the costs of the interim police and parks services the county is providing until the city is able to establish its own departments. But the two jurisdictions have yet to sign an intergovernmental agreement over the services.

In a June 19 letter to Brookhaven Mayor J. Max Davis, DeKalb County Attorney O.V. Brantley said the county is prepared to take legal action. The letter says the city should pay $525,000 a month for police and $400,000 for 11 months of parks services.

“Last week, you informed the county that Brookhaven did not intend to pay anything for parks services, and only intended to pay a total of $500,000 for six months of police services,” Brantley wrote in the letter. “This is not a tenable legal position, and is contrary to the parties’ negotiations and previous course of good faith dealing.”

City officials declined to comment on the letter. Brookhaven spokeswoman Megan Matteucci said the city manager and city attorney are reviewing the letter, and continuing to negotiate with DeKalb County.

At City Council’s work session June 11, City Manager Marie Garrett told council members that on the cost of interim police services, “we are far apart.”

In a memo to DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis dated June 18, Brantley said, “unfortunately, negotiations have broken down between the county and Brookhaven regarding payment for police and park services.”

The county asked for notification by June 28 if Brookhaven intends to pay the amount requested for interim services.