“I think they’re a good thing. I think they’re necessary for the safety of the community.”
Victoria Nalette

Q: Are the security cameras that now monitor us in public places a good thing or a bad thing? Asked at various public gatherings in Reporter Newspapers communities.

“I think they can be both. I think they can be great for deterring crime and also catching criminals after the fact. At the same time, I think they can lead to paranoia, and they can make people act differently than they normally would, like by slamming on their brakes at red lights out of fear of a ticket.”
Suzanne Desmond-Guba
“It’s a good thing. I think it helps protect our community.”
Jay Jewell
“I think they’re a good thing. I don’t think they cause any harm and they can do some good.”
Caroline Tanner
“I like it for security. I don’t personally have anything to hide. I have three kids and I like as much security as is available.”
Marcy Cooper
“As you can see, I’m incognito…. I guess, in the long run, it’s a good thing. It does make people take stock. I guess it keeps the evil-doers from contemplating evil.”
John Ryan