• Katy Thompson
  • The Galloway School

Katy Thompson clearly has a passion for theater and dance.

She took part in her first play when she was in the seventh grade. She’s played parts in The Galloway Schools’ spring musicals since eighth grade, she said, and had a role in “basically every school production at Galloway” in recent years. Last year, she had the lead female role of “Anna” in the school’s production of “The King and I.”

“Acting, for me, is a chance to be something I’m not and put on different clothes. It is hard, but so rewarding to get a character right,” Katy said. “I’m not nervous, because I’m telling my story to the audience as a different person.”

Theater class also is where she feels at home. “It is where my best friends are,” she said, “and I learned a lot of stuff that I would never learn in a math class.”

She shares a similar passion for dancing. She’s in a dance ensemble and takes part in fall, winter and spring shows.

“I started dancing to stay in shape, and it puts me in a place of contentment,” Katy said. “Everything disappears and I feel in flow with the people around me. I’m not worried about messing up.”

She also takes great pride in her time as a student at The Galloway School. She says Galloway’s “no-cut” policy allowed her to try new things and find areas in which she could feel comfortable. The policy is designed to encourage students to take chances on new programs, no matter how little experience they have in a particular area.

“I’ve been really lucky to be at Galloway for my whole life, and I love my school,” Katy said. “The no-cut policy that our school enforces gave me the confidence to try out and be able to learn to act well.”

Her theater and dance experiences paid off. Robert Zapotocky, director of college counseling at Galloway, calls Kay “a self-confident young woman.”

“She has a strong sense of justice and is unafraid to speak out when she sees something that is not right,” Zapotocky said. “This foundation of courage enables Katy to take risks, to speak out articulately, to perform in front of large audiences, and to greet professional adults with a smile and a firm handshake. She is a leader by example and an exemplar of Galloway,” he said.

She graduated this year and now heads to college in Pennsylvania.

“I went up there during a snowstorm and fell in love with the school,” Katy said. “I’m going there as an undergrad political science major and I will probably minor in economics or business. I think campaign finance is really cool.”

What’s Next:

Katy plans to attend Bucknell University in the fall.

This article was prepared by Parker DeFreese, a student at The Marist School.