Brookhaven Mayor J. Max Davis swears in the city’s new police officers on July 15 in a ceremony at The Marist School.

Brookhaven Mayor J. Max Davis swore in the city’s police force on July 15 in a ceremony at The Marist School.

The Brookhaven Police Department is comprised of 54 officers, who will begin patrolling the city July 31.

The officers are to begin a two-week training program prior to the department’s start-up date. Officers will undergo physical, weapons tactics, policies and procedures and ethics training, according to city officials.

“These officers represent some of the most experienced law enforcement in the state,” Police Chief Gary Yandura said in a news release. “We have assembled a great team and they are excited to begin protecting and serving Brookhaven.”

Brookhaven Police Chief Gary Yandura addresses the crowd at The Marist School before the department’s 54 new officers were sworn in July 15. Mayor J. Max Davis, center, and City Manager Marie Garrett look on.
Brookhaven’s new police force, with Chief Gary Yandura at second from right in the front row.